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REPORTING · 28th September 2013
Walter McFarlane
Bruce Archibald was at the Kitimat Museum and Archives on Monday, September 16th to give a presentation on the Fossils found in Driftwood Canyon which is located near Smithers. He also took some time to identify the fossils in the museum’s collection.

“[I was presenting on] just how wonderful this resource of Driftwood canyon really is. People don’t tend to know that this is a fabulous special world class resource and that once it’s starting to gain some fame and exposure world-wide, scientists all over the world are shocked and surprised about how good this resource really is,” said Archibald.

In his slideshow, he talked about the clarity of the fossils which were found in Driftwood Canyon, which are clearer then ones found elsewhere in the world. He focused his discussion on preserved insects and plant life.

Archibald expressed that the fossils are a way of seeing how the world changed over time, becoming what it is today. Many of the fossils in the canyon were preserved during the time when the world was recovering from the loss of the Dinosaurs. In his presentation, he compared many of insects and plants to ones which are living in the world today.

“Right now the world is changing. You see climate and the way that community reactions are changing,” said Archibald. “We need to understand how communities and natural life reacts to different climates and one way to understand that is by looking to ways it has happened in the past.”

For an example, he suggested about how warmer winters are affected Canadians with the Mountain Pine Beetle devastation.