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REPORTING · 10th September 2013
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, September 9th, Kitimat RCMP responded to an incident on Raley Street. We were told the RCMP apprehended an individual for evaluation.
Ralphy Ralphy Ralphy
Comment by Enuf said on 19th December 2013
Maybe off work too long and you too are going a bit crazy. If you don't know the truth well don't talk. You sound silly and do you remember the days when you were the same haha. I happen to know exactly what happened and you are way off so put your energy somewhere you can help this town if you are so worried. Lots of volunteer programs out there.
Enuf said
Educate Rather Than Judge
Comment by Dani on 20th September 2013
Why don't we all educate ourselves on mental illness rather than judge and label one another.
Most of the locals who can not believe little Kitimat has finally caught up with the rest of this " lunatic" world need to wake up.
Live life, focus on the positive and quit letting others musfortunes disturb you to the point you publicly humiliate yourselves.
Complaining about the unstoppable is a waste of energy. It's 2013, accept it.
No Surprise
Comment by concerned Citizen on 15th September 2013
I moved here eleven years ago with my wife and back then my daughter was two and my second daughter had not been born then. Now my daughters are thirteen and eight and this past year I have been very concerned and frustrated over all the extra crime in Kitimat. At one time Kitimat was a great place to raise children but that has all changed with the blink of an eye and to the point where I worry myself sick when I hear sirens around town. In my opinion there will never be enough policing to control the added crimes hear. Has anyone thought of starting a neighborhood watch program? I know this wouldn't end all the crime but it's a start!!
Needs more
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 14th September 2013
The public deserves to know more about this...Was it a crazed gunman looking to do harm to the first person or anyone he saw? No! A long-time, local resident was having a breakdown. He was threatening no one but himself and needed to get medical attention...which he got. Good enough.
Unstable lunatic?
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 11th September 2013
Word going around town that it was an unstable lunatic with a rifle wanting to shoot anything that moves. Young girl beat up bad a few days ago, a wayward drunkard beat up bad on the dike and countless other incidents that have occurred with absolutely no word from the police. Break ins,violent assaults,crackers under the stairway by Trigo's, etc. etc....... Maybe, just maybe, if any of these lunatics are arrested the police can just hold 'em in a cell for a couple of weeks and then kick'em outta Dodge. Seems like this litle town we live in is being run by Boss Hogg and his boys. Sad. Very sad.