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REPORTING · 6th September 2013
Walter McFarlane
The bylaw concerning the parking of recreational vehicles on residential property returned to Council on Tuesday, September 3rd. Councillor Corinne Scott made a motion for Council to approve the amendments to the parking of recreational vehicles and rescind the 2nd reading and give a new second reading with several new clauses.

“The clauses that have been amended is that no more than one private recreational vehicle shall be parked or stored on residential lot between November 1st of a particular year and March 31st of the following year provided that the vehicle in question is parked or stored inside the permissible building area or on permitted access inside the property line and that one side yard of 1.8 metres or more is unobstructed,” said Scott.

She read the next clause, for mobile structures with no mode of power, such as boats and trailers, which are not longer than 6.5 metres in length, can be stored on a property as well at a limit of two per lot. They have the same restrictions as the recreational vehicals.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff confirmed that Cablecar is not included in the bylaw and he was told it is not. He told Council it is an improvement over the bylaw because it addresses more than the storage of motorhomes over the winter months.

He however asked administration for the rules for parking these vehicles in the summer months, which is not addressed in this bylaw but is addressed in another one. He was told they were tasked with winter storage.

Feldhoff asked administration to include a reference of where to find the summer parking bylaws. Gwen Sewell, City Planner replied a publicity campaign is recommended.

Scott explained the bylaw came to light because of houses which did not have a back yard but had a large side yard. As the bylaw was developed, they decided to include non-motorized vehicles.

The motion was called and carried.