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REPORTING · 7th September 2013
Walter McFarlane
Really Updated this time, September 7th

Kitimat business owners received a call from the Kitimat RCMP on Labour Day, Monday September 2nd. A Kitimat youth went through the down town core breaking windows. CIBC, Wings Travel, Remax and the Kitimat Food Share had broken glass.

At Remax, Manuel Leite told us he came into the store to find glass all over the desk. The rock had soared across the office and left an indentation in the wall next to the floor.

At the Kitimat Food Share, Denise O’Neill told us she was upset. They are a non-profit organization which feeds people for free and the two large windows which were shattered are expected to be expensive.

“We are devastated by this senseless random act,” said O’Neill. She told us the Community should be looking at cameras or other forms of monitoring.

We were told by the businesses however that the person who did this was arrested this morning.

According to the Kitimat RCMP, there was one suspect who was arrested. He will go to court in November. The RCMP will be gathering information for the formal charge.
Comment by roker grl on 3rd November 2013
their no budge for the district of kitimat that should be a must accesity if you own a business .no camera your insurance wont cover your damages. it shouldn't be our tax dollars and if the kids are under age where are their parents and why are they out alatr parent are just as much fault for teaching their kids to be good and respectful ,If my kid did that she pay the damages out of the own pocket and grounded and write a apology letter and what ever if the get charge they need to learn their conqences for their actions
We need cameras I don't care what you say
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 14th September 2013
Cameras cost money. OK. Up the taxes...Especially for workers who come to soak up big checks, live in camp tax free and send their paychecks away. You're taking up a little square footage to have a place to live? You have electricity and plumbing? Pay property taxes. And DOK, cough up for cameras. Period
shattered glass
Comment by i . s. on 5th September 2013
hopefully they will name the person responsable
Cameras are not a magic wand
Comment by Michael Avery on 2nd September 2013
Every time we have damage in the core people bring up the camera issue. Of course what is left unsaid is those cameras should be bought by the District. $50, 000 was the last estimate, and that wouldn't cover monitoring of the cameras.

I believe we would be better served by other actions. Perhaps a police officer walking in the neighbourhood or bike cops like in the lower mainland. Cameras take no action, they only record and act as a record of what has already happened.

I'm sure the bank had cameras and their windows got broke like everyone else's.

My two cents. You want cameras? There is nothing stopping you from buying them, why should my tax dollars protect your business?