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REPORTING · 30th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
Two Kitimat youth, Alex and Jonathon Orfao were treated to a tour of the Kitimat Fire Department on Wednesday, August 28th. This was a special treat for them as Alex was the first to recognise the fire in the morning on Wednesday, August 21st.

“I went outside to move my brother’s bike because we were going to put down cement because the cement truck was going to come and I heard a bang like a drum. I looked behind me and I saw a fire. I ran inside and I yelled fire and I ran across the street [to my neighbours] and I said: ‘Call 911, there is a fire,’” said Alex Orfao.

In the house, the parents, Nelson and Vanessa Orfao, got the dogs pets out of the house and removed several propane tanks from the area. They are very proud of what their children did.

Both boys participated in fire Safety lessons at Saint Anthony’s Elementary School as a part of their education from the fire fighters and the Emergency Awareness Program.

“Once they recognized there was a fire and they went outside to call for help, they stayed outside, which is key because sometimes, if you go back in, you may not get out. They came out, they recognized the issue, they called 911 and they stayed out and waited for their family. That’s probably one of the biggest things which they did right and did well,” said Fire Fighter Ben Coltish.

Coltish was the Fire Fighter who taught them the fire safety program in school. He was very proud of them for teaching them. Deputy Chief Peter Bizarro stated Coltish is an excellent instructor.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan also stopped by the Fire Department to present each of the boys with a certificate for their reaction to the fire.

There was one more surprise awaiting the boys. The Fire Fighters found one of their toys, a remote controlled ladder truck, had survived the blaze but had been blackened with soot from the fire. The Fire Department cleaned it up and presented it to them. They told us the ladder truck is their favourite fire truck.