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REPORTING · 30th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
Ed Prochot delivered a presentation to Council concerning encouraging interaction between young people and senior citizens. This presentation was given at the regular meeting of August 19th. He suggestion was to integrate Day Care and Preschool with Senior and Multilevel Care facilities.

“I feel this proposal would be extremely valuable not only to our seniors and our children, but to our community and our country as a whole. Children at a very early age are full of life and absorb enormous amounts of information. Their minds are like sponges and they exude an energy for the love of life, they cannot help but pass it onto all those around them,” said Prochot.

He expressed he believes this would assist seniors mental health and well-being and explained it would be good for the children due to the trend of both parents going off to work and leaving ‘family values’ to the institutions. He wanted to improve on what was being done.

“Children will have the benefit of being exposed to all that rich resource of experience and wisdom the seniors carry with them. Because the kids absorb so much info, their experiences might, not at the time perhaps but in future, subconsciously, they will be more aware of the reality of aging, thus inspiring them in their future to get the most out of life in the time they have,” said Prochot.

He also promoted physical interaction between the children and the seniors. “I think touching and physical contact is very important and crucial to all around good mental health, thus intern, improving physical health,” said Prochot.

He explained how Romanian Orphans which had no physical contact after being adopted and suffered for it.

“Our seniors sit in wheel chairs gazing out the window with nothing to see, Cars driving by and a flower garden. Don’t you think if there were children playing in those gardens and around them, they would have a far greater zest for life, improving mental health, thus, reducing the costs for maintaining proper physical health not to mention the costs for separate buildings,” said Prochot.

He suggested the Northwest could set an example for the rest of the Country and show how important it is to respect life from beginning to end.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know if this was already taking place in BC. Prochot said it was not going on that he was aware of. He has contacted people at the top and they thought it was a good idea. Now he’s working from the bottom to the top.

Feldhoff suggested he contact Northern Health. Councillor Rob Goffinet expressed this has been talked about but it is difficult to break through the resistance. He invited Prochot to the age friendly committee who has suggested having young and old integrate.

Prochot told Council he has met with Margaret Warcup. He also talked to daycare workers who were playing on the grass by the drugstore and suggested they play in the fenced garden by the seniors place instead. It would be a better location. The workers did express they take the children to visit the seniors from time to time but Prochot told Council the seniors need more. He explained to Council he was talking about pre-school children, not elementary school children.

There were no further questions. Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked Prochot for the presentation and told him that she took care of her mother for 10 years and she enjoyed spending time with children.
Comment by Vern on 30th August 2013
On the surface it seems ok but there would be a lot of work involved in this and insurance issues should anyone get hurt from interaction with the children.The people in the Mutlilevel home do far more than sit all day and they have many choices of things to be busy with ranging from outings such as walking ,shopping,the lake,fishing,the Casio.They have happy hour,pub nights,cards,crafts,exercise, plus much more. So while the idea of children mixing with seniors seems sound it must be approached with a great deal of car.