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REPORTING · 28th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
Peace Trailer Industries (PTI) came up again at a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, August 26th with a request for an amendment to the R3 Zoning Regulation. The application was forwarded to the Advisory Planning Commission and received 1st and 2nd Reading and have public notice issued.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan wanted to know how long it would take. She was told 3rd reading and adoption would take place on the 9th of September.

“I was under the impression that they felt that if they had to go through all of this again, they would not even do the 120 extra beds,” said Monaghan. She asked for more information.

City Planner Gwen Sewell explained she had talked to Sean Crockett, Vice President of Business Development and they were moving several buildings around in response to some Geo-Technical issues which came up after studies were done following the adoption of the bylaw in June.

Sewell explained work is continuing while the zoning is going ahead. She added that there are plans for 50 extra beds.

Councillor Phil Germuth clarified the rooms will be the same size. Lori Johnson stepped up to answer the question. She told Council the rooms will be the same size. Germuth asked what would go there. She said it would become parking.

Feldhoff stated this is a small change. The motion was called and carried.
Nothing better to do
Comment by Rory Brown on 30th August 2013
50 beds? Really? It wouldn't matter if it was 1 bed or 500 beds. People are going to bitch and complain. 50 beds may mean a couple more local jobs. An increased tax base for PTI. Another store opening in our still partly enmpty mall. Like it or not, things are happening in Kitimat. I support PTI, and any other business that wants to come to Kitimat.
I for one would like to welcome PTI to Kitimat, and hope they have a extended stay here, providing good jobs to local people.
Comment by Gary Haupt on 29th August 2013
And larry is right...Council invited comment and public participation in the form of Public Meetings...the only people that were 'for' the PTI plans,you could count on one hand. There was a show of hands, at the second meetings and there was no doubt in anyones mind, what the wishes of the Voters were. But still....we were ignored. We will be again. PTI and Jack Oviatt will get their way. Again.
Why Bother........
Comment by Larry Walker on 28th August 2013
They didn't listen to us the last time about the location. Maybe its time to kick them all out and start again with people who "care" about the folks they are supposed to represent.
New Public Hearing Needed.
Comment by Chris Wozney on 28th August 2013
Obviously another public hearing is called for. Now that new, important information about geotechnical issues has come up, the public needs to be consulted again. Now they are asking for an increase of 50 beds. What will be the next zoning change request?
I thought, and some councillors stated, that PTI were experts in their field. How come they missed these obviously important geotechnical issues?