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REPORTING · 28th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council was presented with an RCMP report on Monday, August 19th. Corporal Stu Egers presented the report on behalf of Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison. He presented the reports from June and July.

He told Council there was a lot of movement in the RCMP. Three RCMP officers have moved out and two have moved in.

RCMP were training in June on boats and with changes to the D.A.R.E. program. Harrison attended several meetings in June including Interagency, Rio Tinto Alcan and attended an open house meeting.

Six RCMP Officers attended the Camp Day at Tim Horton’s on the 26th of June.

Into the crime statistics for June, the RCMP has responded to an increased number of calls for service. 500 this year opposed to 375 for June 2012. “That’s a pretty considerable increase considering our numbers were down for the number of people we have on the road,” said Egers.

In July, for news, work has been done on the Jail Cells. The calls for service for July were also up, 487 as opposed to 407.

Egers went into the crime statistics.

Assault causing bodily harm is down, but common assault is up. Egers explained the difference is that a common assault is a push while an assault causing bodily harm is a broken bone.

He moved into the theft of vehicles which is up from last year which have doubled from last year. “However, there was one prolific offender which we were dealing with in town. We did manage to get him in jail and he was held for 2-3 weeks,” said Egers. “He’s currently banned from the City of Kitimat. If he does come back, and we find him, he’s going to be going to back to jail and he’s not going to be getting out. It’s a definite bonus, he was responsible for more than just the thefts of vehicles, he was in the drug trade and stuff so he was a really good person for us to be getting out of our town and I hope we won’t be seeing any more of him soon.”

Councillor Phil Germuth wanted to know what the procedure was to ban someone from the community. Egers explained they brought him before the courts and during his bail hearing, he was given certain conditions by the judge. The accused had no ties to Kitimat and the only business he had in Kitimat was crime.

“He was just out stealing cars and selling drugs and he had no way to contribute, he was not willing to contribute to society in Kitimat and therefore, he was banned,” said Egers.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked if the RCMP Detachment were expecting any more transfers in. Egers replied they were awaiting two more transfers.

Goffinet also asked if there are people living down by the river near Haisla Bridge. He was told there are two people living down there, one who is homeless and one who works for KMP but spends a lot of time by the river. Egers added there is a group of young people who hang out down there.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan welcomed Egers to the community and thanked him for the work he does.