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REPORTING · 28th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council on Monday, August 19th began with Mayor Monaghan’s Good News.

“We met with a development company regarding an area for a helicopter service including an air ambulance, medevac and trauma centre,” began Monaghan.

Council had a conference call with Minister Benet, the minister of Mines and Development concerning potential mines and the LNG industries coming to Kitimat.

Council met with a developer concerning a deal regarding several of the apartments in Kitimat and the two discussed decisions they have to make concerning the strata housing.

Council met with ministers Oakes, minister of Sport and Culture and Minister Rusted, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and reconciliation. They talked about the prosperity fund and the Douglas Channel recreation and Industrial potential.

Council meet with the new General Manager of Shell Canada. Monaghan looks forward to further discussions with her concerning Shell’s place in Kitimat.

The Council met with a developer who wishes to erect a hotel in Kitimat.

Monaghan handed out medals for the children at the Kitimat Public Library. She said she was interested in what the children read over their summer vacation.

“I have some individuals who say, ‘you keep saying you met with this person or that minister and nothing ever happens.’ All I can say was Rome was not built in a day. Everything has to go through so many procedures and it takes a long time,” said Monaghan.

She stated that in the last Mayoral Report, she talked about a meeting with Readman from the Ministry of Transportation. Council brought many items to her attention and has just received answers.

“We had a request for changes at the intersection at Cablecar to have an entrance and an exit merge lane to improve traffic flow and address safety concerns related to the 100 Km speed limit in that zone and traffic entering off of the subdivision road at a lower speed. She said ‘The Ministry will include Cablecar as a part of their next traffic count expected to be completed in 2014. In the interim, the Ministry will put up signs for Cablecar Subdivision as per Council’s request,” said Monaghan.

A request for a speed reader sign at the entrance to Kitimat will be placed at the top of the hill, just past the graveyard where they can tie into hydro power. As for Council’s requests for traffic counts on Haisla Boulevard and on the Haisla Bridge, while the area is currently looked after by the District of Kitimat, However, with the increase in interest on the West Side, a traffic count will be done in 2014.

“With the development coming into the West Side Road, Kitimat is no longer a dead end of the highway, the Province should take over the maintenance of the road and Haisla Bridge. That was our request. So she says that she could advise that she has been in touch with our bridge engineering department in Victoria and they will be happy to provide assistance in terms of technical expertise and advice to help us develop terms of reference and recommend some contractors who can provide an assessment of the bridge. Now we have to get them to pay for it. One step at a time,” said Monaghan.

That was her good news.