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REPORTING · 12th August 2013
Walter McFarlane
The bylaw concerning the parking of recreational vehicles on residential property came up at the regular meeting of Council on Tuesday, August 6th. Councillor Corinne Scott made a motion to give the bylaw second reading.

“This was brought up earlier this spring asking Council’s consideration to amend the parking bylaw for recreational vehicles throughout the winter. Our current bylaw had said that recreational vehicles could only be stored in a person’s back yard. There are a number of properties on Kitimat that are on corner lots and don’t have a back yard, they have a front yard and a side yard. The first reading was to amend the bylaw to allow parking of recreational vehicles on a side yard. What we’re asking for now is to amend the first amended bylaw to remove the weight restriction that was placed on the recreational vehicles. It was only up to a certain weight. Some of our motorhomes and other recreational vehicles that are on the market now are over the weight which was in our bylaw,” said Scott.

She stated that it would include a 4.5 metre setback from the front property line so the camper could not be close enough to the front of the property that it would block the view of the sight lines and one side yard remain clear for fire access. Scott added there was also an application in the bylaw for a variance so the district can work with people who have difficulty complying.

“I think this amendment is trying to accommodate the residents that have requested permission to park on the side yard. What this doesn’t do is people still have to apply for permission to park recreational vehicle in the side yard of their property every year,” said Scott.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff asked what would happen between April 1st and October 31st, as the bylaw will only be in affect from November 1st to March 31st. Gwen Sewell, City Planner told Feldhoff that during this time, RV’s are in use by the General Public and are typically parked on people’s driveway on the time and can be closer than 4.5 metres from the street.

Feldhoff stated there are also sailboats parked at people’s homes as well and asked if they were covered by this bylaw as well. He was told they were not. The bylaw only accommodated campers, based on how they were described by the definition in the bylaw. Feldhoff wanted to expand the language to include boats, but was told people traditionally find other places to store them, such as at a marina.

Feldhoff asked what the rules were for small utility trailers. Sewell could not answer the question at this time. Scott stated there has been an amendment already and decided she wanted to include watercraft in the bylaw because there was watercraft on trailers in side yards and in backyards, including canoes and kayaks.

Sewell stated the bylaw was provided to Council. ‘Mobile structures with no mode of power of their own’ such as a boat and not exceeding 6.5 metres in length can be parked or stored so long as there are no more than two of them on a lot.

Councillor Rob Goffinet made several questions regarding the process which the bylaw was undertaking, whether it could be amended before third reading and whether it could back to the Advisory Planning Commission. He was told yes.

Feldhoff asked if the APC could provide input to the boats and trailers. A motion was made and both motions were called and carried.

As a part of the main motion, a public hearing has now been scheduled for the 23rd of September.
Comment by Kathleen Walker on 15th August 2013
Give your head a shake. Most driveways in Kitimat are twenty feet and there is not any available option to get to the back yard. Where are the boats to go? To the marina? Oh, I forgot there isn’t one available and the one that is has a waiting list. Where are the trailers to go? To the trailer storage facilities? Oh, I forgot they are over crowded already and have waiting lists. Unlike some councilors most of us do not live on a park space and are able to use part of it to store our recreation vehicles. I do not know who the monkey was that shook the coconuts out of the tree but as far as I am concerned they should all be tossed out.
Well said
Comment by Pierre on 15th August 2013
Thanks Larry. Someone needed to say it .
That 15 ft set back is MY PROPERTY
Comment by Larry Walker on 14th August 2013
I own it and I pay you taxes on it and I will do whatever I want with it.....if you (the town) want to control buy it (and cut the grass and trim the trees and deal with all the weeds)
Really #2
Comment by Larry Walker on 14th August 2013
Hey I have been on "that list" for over 3 years now and still waiting. The town doesn't seem to have any idea how to solve the problem and in my mind...don't really give a dam.
Comment by SHM on 13th August 2013
"Feldhoff wanted to expand the language to include boats, but was told people traditionally find other places to store them, such as at a marina."

I want to know if this person has tried to obtain a marina slip lately? It is my understanding that there is a wait list at MK that is 2-3 years

Unsightly tarp covered camping units
Comment by CEM on 12th August 2013
Who wants to look at a massive tarp covered camper in storage for say 6 months, this really devalues a home and homes nearby. Then they are parked on the street for the next 6 months and are a hazard on the street. If you can afford these camping units.....then put in a storage facility. Some towns/cities don't allow these camping units at all to be parked in a housing subdivision. I just don't understand council's thinking.