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P.S.A.'S · 2nd August 2013
The NSA. the USA's National Security Agency has leaked the new official name of the Nation, which Stephen Harper participated in creating, 'Homeland'.

While defending the charges of spying on every single electronic communications, of every single user by the latest 'whistleblower' Snowden, a map was produced revealing the formerly secret plan.

More details here

The latest Snowden revelations by the Guardian Newspaper is the special access the NSA operatives have called 'XKeyscore'. This provides the NSA access to every email, facebook message and, well, everything anyone, everywhere, does electronically.

Now the NSA, in its attempt to prove their spying was for a good cause, revealed their internal maps. Even the Senator in the USA let the name of the newest Nation roll of her tongue without a stutter.

Welcome to being a citizen of Homeland.

It was part of the SPP plan undertaken during the last decade. Today it is no longer a secret.
Big surprise - suddenly the NSA discovers new terror threats
Comment by MWPR on 4th August 2013
This is getting almost humorous
From August 2007 following the Three Amigo's meeting on SPP
Comment by MWPR on 3rd August 2013
Strange Bedfellows get screwed by Security and Prosperity Partnership

by Chris Arsenault

It's bound to be a strange cause celebre when the conservative, American, anti-immigrant John Birch Society protests side by side with No One Is Illegal, a radical immigrant rights organization.

But both groups were in Montebello, Quebec last week voicing opposition to the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a policy forum focused on North American integration convened by Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, America's George W., and Mexico's dubiously elected President Felipe Calderon.

The tripartite meeting between members of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is about increasing economic, political and now security integration but, as Bruce Campbell wrote in the Ottawa Citizen, unlike NAFTA, "the SPP is not a treaty; it is an executive-to-executive agreement. It requires no legislative change and minimal parliamentary involvement."

After Montebello meetings concluded on August 21, the 'three amigos' released a joint statement containing three distinct elements: a "North American Plan For Avian & Pandemic Influenza", an "SPP Regulatory Cooperation Framework" and an "Intellectual Property Action Strategy." Few would complain about leaders making plans to keep our chickens healthy, but the other two core elements are problematic.

Regulatory cooperation is a positive thing, if countries are working to ensure the strongest universal rules for dangerous products. But that's not what's happening at the SPP. "Some 40 per cent of the pesticides Canada regulates have stricter limits than U.S. regulations," writes Campbell. "We know the Canadian government is in talks to relax its requirements on pesticide residues on U.S. fruits and vegetables."

As for intellectual property, that's something the United States is increasingly concerned about. "The U.S.'s single largest export is not manufactured goods or arms or food, it is copyrights - patents on everything from books to drugs," writes Naomi Klien. Applications for patents in the US have gone up from an annual 150,000 a year in the late 80s to 275,000 in 2001, the U.K. Guardian reported.

The world of patent protection frequently degenerates into moral and legal absurdities. "You can't patent snow, eagles or gravity and you shouldn't be able to patent genes either," writes Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park) in a New York Times editorial. "Yet by now one-fifth of the genes in your body are privately owned."

The focus on 'intellectual property' tugs at something deeper in the SPP mentality; the focus on private gain rather than public good. A reasonable way to judge any initiative is to look at the people driving it. The only ten Canadians allowed to address the leaders in Montebello were corporate executives; documents obtained by the Canadian Labour Congress through an access to information request show that representatives from Manulife Financial, Power Corporation, Ganong, Suncor Energy, Canadian National Railway, Linamar, Bell Canada, Canfor Corporation, Home Depot, and the Bank of Nova Scotia were allowed to address the meeting.

"Private interests holding private discussions about their own business with public officials - that's lobbying," said Barbara Byers, executive vice-president of the Canadian Labour Congress. Environmentalists, unions and human rights groups from all three countries were shut out.

One Can Read The Rest Here -
It is not a matter of right or wrong
Comment by MWPR on 3rd August 2013
We are not insulted by the charge, we are embarrassed by the inability of some readers to follow links and read. This is a compilation of factual reports by other media.

So it is not right or wrong - it just is.

And as for the Catholics - well their immoral subterfuge extends back well into many previous centuries and today they are no different than those who purposefully spread Small Pox to steal the land for the gold and resources.

All of which are illustrated by the document Dum diversas issued by the Holy See in 1452. The language of the papal bull issued by Pope Nicholas V to King Alfonso V of Portugal purported to authorize the king to “invade, capture, vanquish, and subdue. . .all Saracens and pagans, and other enemies of Christ. . .to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery. . .and. . .to take away all their possessions and property.”

This is still being enforced by the Jesuits (the new Pope) and their mindless Joeboy followers, the Knights of Columbus.

Until they al renounce their Jamestown type blind faith, they should all be expelled from our good communities.

One could do well with a bit of study and learning. Reading with comprehension might help too.
once again you are wrong
Comment by J.Cruijff on 2nd August 2013
Wrong on the papal announcement on re non disclosure of wrong doing by Catholic officials, now we have somehow merged with the US because of some paranoid rambling by an obscure editor.
Go on vacation for awhile Merv.
An obvious good choice
Comment by MWPR on 2nd August 2013
Homeland Security is what the USA has been calling their efforts to stop terrorist activities, honestly or not so honestly.

Both the Mexican President and the Canadian Prime Minister signed the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) document with the President of the USA.

The SPP is the foundational agreement and the Security of the Homeland is just what this is.

It is what it is. Canada can still use the Corporate name Canada but sovereignty is another issue altogether, there is none. Our Nations have merged. End the pretense.