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REPORTING · 23rd July 2013
Walter McFarlane
On Monday, July 22nd, District of Kitimat Administration presented Council with a detailed report by Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen on how the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club received $100,000 of taxpayer’s money. This was done in response to the motion which was brought forward at the last Council Meeting by Councillor Mary Murphy.

The report contains every motion made by Council from the first request of $100,000 up until May 13th when the budget was adopted. First, Council puts the request to the budget. During the 2012 budget process in December of 2012, the following motion was made by Councillor Mario Feldhoff:

“That the Hirsch Creek Golf & Winter Club be approved for $50,000 with a review for additional funding at the spring 2013 budget meeting; that the director of Leisure Services be appointed to work with HCGWC to develop an operational plan that addresses revenue, a reduction in expenses and increasing membership.”

The report notes the $100,000 was included in the budget which was adopted by Council.

“The Director of Leisure Services and Deputy CAO attended multiple Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club executive meetings during 2013. Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club representatives will be attending a fall Regular Committee meeting to provide an update on operations,” wrote Waycheshen. “The rationale is the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club brought forward a business plan in April 2013, and once the five year financial plan was adopted in May 2013, staff released the second $50,000.”

Feldhoff made a motion to receive for information. He stated he appreciated the report which put everything together for him. He supported the money which was given the club and suggested they work with the executive of the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club.

“I appreciate the step by step how we got to where we’re at,” said Councillor Corinne Scott. “It helped put everything into perspective. I think there was a misunderstanding though. It wasn’t quite clear. The Council had approved a $50,000 amount to be given to Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club to start and when you see on the December 12th Special Budget Meeting, that it says with a review for additional funding in the spring, 2013 budget meeting and I do know that we put it in the budget but I think some of us may have thought what would happen is what would happen is we would actually see what our director of leisure services developed with the club to show us plans in place, that everything is operating according to a good financial plan now before the remaining $50,000 was given to them.”

She said they put it into their budget but she thought Council was waiting to ensure the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club was on a good ‘financial track’ before they give them another a check. She expected a report before they give them the money.

Councillor Rob Goffinet agreed because he assumed the same thing. He did not have any qualms with the administration. He was happy to see that they had been meeting with the club. He hoped to see a quick briefing from staff.

CAO Ron Poole stated this was seen as a grey area and suggested things be done differently for 2014 so they can address the golf course in the budget.

Councillor Mary Murphy stated she was looking for a more detailed report on their statement and feedback on their five year plan. There were no further statements so the motion was called and carried.
Business Plan
Comment by MS on 8th August 2013
I hope this plan involves firing all staff, then rehiring and properly training them. The food is horrible and the servers are even worse.
Comment by Gary Haupt on 27th July 2013
I think it fair to ask..are there any more open ended funding plans, still on the books? Not just for the Golf Course, but for ANY ogranization?
Bussiness Plan
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 23rd July 2013
The business plan was given to Council in April. During the meeting discribed in this article here.
OKAY I'll Bite.......
Comment by Larry Walker on 23rd July 2013
So the money was given based on a "Business Plan by the golf course" What's in the business plan....was it seen and discussed by the Mayor and Council....was it signed off by the COA or CAO or what ever they call him? Does anyone know even if the Business Plan is attainable?

Need more detail Walter (Kitimat Daily)
welfare for golfclub
Comment by J.Cruijff on 23rd July 2013
The director of leisure services to develop some sort of a business plan?
Let me tell you the food and service is worthless and the waiting time for a lousy lunch is over an hour at the best of times.
For this we have forked over one hundred thousand dollars?
The Council should be ashamed of themselves, rather than selling the place we will perpetuate the subsidies every year to reward the incompetence with our taxes.