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REPORTING · 18th July 2013
Walter McFarlane
Its summer and many eyes in town are on the riverbank campers here to enjoy the fishing season. At the regular meeting of Council on Tuesday, July 2nd, Councillor Mary Murphy Made a motion to invite the Department of Fisheries to attend a Meeting of Council to discuss concerns about garbage left on the riverbank by campers and the usage of the riverbank during the construction projects.

“This motion came from the Leisure Services because there is concern regarding the amount of campers on the riverbank and there is going to be an increase and it’s going to get information on how it’s being patrolled and monitored and the fisheries is the agency that we should be discussing with,” said Murphy.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff stated the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has come before Council regarding waste management on the riverbank in the past. He was under the impression it was not a high priority. He suggested Staff dust off reports on this topic.

Murphy stated it would bring the DFO before Council so they can ask questions and what they are going to be looking at going forward. The motion was passed.
Environmentally unfreindly
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 1st August 2013
Its not about free or not free, Its about oil leaking vehichles on the river bank, The only way to control it is to have a properly run campsite with supervision.
river camping
Comment by al on 30th July 2013
I'm local and do a fair amount of river camping.
Sure its a little busy sometimes but im not seeing
irresponsible campers very much, if at all.
The odd time I will come across some garbage, and simply pick it up and throw it away.
I camp at the river not because its free but because I love to fish. On that topic I would not oppose a overnight camping fee but would like to see any monies from this be donated directly to the Kitimat River fish hatchery as the hatchery is the prime reason that we have such a wonderful river.
From what I understand, after Eurocans closure the hatchery now has to heat their own water for the hatchery process and cannot afford to do this as much as they used to due to high natural gas costs. This obviously has a direct effect on how many fingerling the hatchery is able to turn out.
So if we want to start charging people camped at the river what better way to maintain this resource than that.
riverbank camping
Comment by i . s. on 22nd July 2013
it,s nice to see people coming here from all over the world ,the problem is that there is no ware else to set up camp but the river banks . this town desperately needs more camping grounds, take a look at ferry island in terrace it has had expansions , it works well there it could work here too.
It's about time....
Comment by Larry Walker on 18th July 2013
The situation is only going to get worse and something has to be done about it.
Priority list
Comment by Ted Bergen on 18th July 2013
What exactly is on the priority list for council? Is there a web site where we can get this info?
Camping by the Kitimat River
Comment by CEM on 18th July 2013
Thanks to Mary Murphy for requestong the DOF look into the camping along the Kitimat River.

The sign at the entrance to the river bank has writing so small, I doubt if anyone would bother to read it.

According to the sign, are the campers keeping 100 feet from the riverbank which could change very quickly if there is alot of rain. We know what happened the last time the river came up....someone's camper almost floated away. Should all camping units be 100 feet from high water line ?