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REPORTING · 9th July 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Museum and Archives is looking for one of the prints from the display of Kitimat History which was put up in the City Centre Mall last June.

The Photo depicts a busy day at the outdoor swimming pool at the YMCA. Both it and it’s label were taken.

“It is sad that the image has been removed for personal enjoyment - no longer for community enjoyment. These images are for the enjoyment of all.,” said Museum Curator Louise Avery in a Facebook post.

She hopes that both the photo and the label will be returned to the museum. She also wants people to know that the Museum does make copies of photos for people for a fee.
Do the right thing
Comment by ROG on 12th July 2013
Its obvious that who ever took the photo is either in the shot or knows someone in it. Make a copy and return the original. Think about it when you're pissed off the next time you're resetting your passwords or you locked your keys in your car. Its losers like you that make this world what it is.
shame to the stupid person who stole from museum
Comment by shadow. on 9th July 2013
those who think of being cheap and stealing a picture at the museum, that is just very low and very stupid. If you are that low why don't you steal someones dentures or a cane from a blind man or money from a beggar. People like you make me sick. return the photo and label and you will be spared if not you can rot in hell.