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CONTRIBUTION · 6th July 2013
I just read an article in the Sentinel by Cameron Orr stating that a sidewalk along Haisla Boulevard is not a priority at the moment. I think it is. If there are sidewalks that are not being used and not safe to walk on then close them. I don't feel safe walking on these backyard sidewalks anyway. I would much rather walk at the front of properties than the back where fences are leaning over, fences needing repair or painted. Just an ugly sight. No privacy of owners of these areas. Why is it Terrace managed to get grant money which Kitimat could of applied for years ago for a sidewalk along the viewpoint or instead of planting more trees, continue a deadend sidewalk north of the firehall to Nabilia or even to the cemetery. Start with cutting lower limbs of trees and cutting some trees down......when pulling into the parking area at Coghlin Park ......all I see are trees and more trees not the fantastic view of Douglas Channel. That's the way I see it !...or not see it .
Grey water and sewage
Comment by CEM on 11th July 2013
Do campers release grey water into the ground ? and where do they dump their sewage ? The way some campers are set up, looks like they are there for the summer. Dumping of even grey water in some campgrounds is prohibited. Just wondering .
river camping
Comment by marymurphy on 10th July 2013
In Addition to the DOF, For the past number of years we have contractor working for us on the Riverbank via contract. His duties include:
- Keep the big spruce riverbank camping area, dyke road (pollution control building to pump houses), and the road from the dyke to the river bank, free of debris;
- Advise and report to the District of Kitimat all incidents that occur in the river campground area commonly known as the big spruce riverbank camping area;
- Take all reasonably portable debris and dump in dumpster located at Riverlodge;
- Notify Riverlodge for assistance if items are not easily transportable;
- Detail pit toilets once per day with equipment provided by the District of Kitimat:
-District of Kitimat will provides all necessary tools for this work; bucket to be used to get water from the river and splash on toilet and wash away disinfection solutions;
- Record, each morning at ± 7am, how many campers are on site, reports parties in the bushes or on the river and estimate how many people were involved; and, if possible, whether they were locals or out-of-towners;

- To do the above work for $330 per week (Total $5,610.00)
The Contractor also operates as a part time ambassador for Kitimat advising campers:
- where people can shop
- where to get showers
- where to find information about Kitimat (sites to see, chamber of commerce, museum etc.)
- assist fishermen as need
Norco is contacted to clean out these port – a – potties and the one at the disabled fishing area is $3,012.19 from mid may until the end of September 1 x a week. (Note this may adjust up slightly if we require more frequent cleaning).
Enjoy Kitimat
Comment by Grumplestiltskin on 9th July 2013
It's such a small strip of river front and if there was any environmental impact I trust fisheries would address it. In contrast, I think it is nice to see families enjoying life on the Kitimat River and I don't even own an RV.
Comment by richard on 9th July 2013
this will be the eye sore of kitimat. nice place to watch the polution drifting by. i guess council knows whats best for everyone money talks and bs walks. just more toxics and more dieing from cancer. hope you feel safe and don`t get it. lol
to view or not to view at the view point
Comment by shadow. on 9th July 2013
the view point is meant to be be seen to those who live and those who visit, its what beautiful view, which would make anyone who lives in a city who only sees buildings would wish they can see something that wonderful.
Free River bank Camping
Comment by CEM on 9th July 2013
I don't understand how the fisheries allow some 25 camping units to park on the river bank. Where does all the waste from their grey water go ? Do they actually pull their units out of there every few days to dump their sewage and grey water ? Does the garbage get picked up ? Where else in the province do fishermen/women get to park for free and fish ? Radley Park could be making more money if there was no free camping along the Kitimat River.
view piont and camping
Comment by i scott on 8th July 2013
the view there is great why wouldnt they keep it cut and groomed , a sidewalk would be great there also it doesnt have to be a priority . every other town ive been to has nice senic points of view why not this one,it would also be nice to be able to find someware to camp in this town like actual camping sites ,the river looks like a R.V. junk yard,