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REPORTING · 5th July 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Multicultural Society Raised the Flags at the Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, June 29th to the singing of O Canada. Hotdogs were served afterwards followed by cake.

“Kitimat has so many people from Italy, Mexico, Peru, England, Philippians, United Stats… All of these flags represent us culturally and our heritage, the countries we come from,” said Socorro Gutierrez.

She thanked the sponsors and the Minister of Official Languages and the Chamber of Commerce. Trish Parsons, Chamber Manager thanked Gutierrez for the work which she does and Gutierrez thanked Parson’s for the work the Chamber of Commerce does in maintaining the flags, putting them away in the winter time and putting them up.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan thanked Gutierrez for the work she does. “It really makes a community when you work together,” said Monaghan. “It is a wonderful thing for our community. It is a multicultural community and we are one of the most multicultural in all of Canada and we should be proud of that.”

She introduced her Councillors.

MLA Robin Austin was next. Gutierrez stated he has been with them for some time.

“We’re here today to celebrate where many of us came from originally, before we came to Canada. I think you’ll all agree with me, I’ve been here for 33 years and I still thank God that I made the decision to move. […] I think it is such an honour and a privilege to live in a country like Canada. It gives all of so much more opportunity then we would have had in our country of origin. We live in a safe country, we live in a country that is respected around the world for its values, and I think the one value that people respect is the fact that we are an amalgamation of people who came from everywhere and we seem to get along. That’s rare in the world today where people are fighting and arguing and you see cival wars all over the place,” said Austin.

He stated the people of Canada all brought a piece of their culture with them and become a part of Canada’s Diaspora. He looked forward to seeing everyone raise the flag of their country of orgin. Refreshments were served after the flag rising.