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Photo Contributed by Chris Jenster
REPORTING · 6th July 2013
Walter McFarlane

The Kitimat Fire Department responded to a fire at 2:30 am, Sunday June 30th at The Aluminium City Motel.

“The crews got called out to the Aluminium City Motel, the abandoned Motel across from Rosarios. We responded with an engine and a ladder and 7 guys. We arrived on scene, found two structures, fully involved,” said Fire Chief Trent Bossence.

A decision was made to abandon one of the structures which was already heavily damaged and rescue the larger structure. They initiated a defensive operation.

According to the Kitimat Fire Department, the cause of the fire is under investigation by the RCMP under suspected arson.

Earlier this year, a cabin was damaged by the fire. Bossence gave the following tip to the owners of derelict buildings: “It’s a matter of taking these buildings which are being abandoned in town or are abandoned in town and the owners need to take responsibility and ensure that they’re secured from unauthorized entry from the general public having access to these buildings.”

He stated the buildings are not secured and he wants to get the message out to building owners who’s buildings are not secured to secure their buildings so these things do not happen.
Taking pride in your property
Comment by CEM on 3rd July 2013
A young man in Salmon Arm goes along the streets tidying up the streets and sidewalks in the early moring hours. He isn't paid to do this. He just takes pride in his town.
It would be a great improvement if the downtown owners would take a hose or a couple of pails of water and scrubbed down their entrances, even if they swept the sidewalks in front of their buisenss and cleaned their windows everyday, how much more inviting their premises would be. The mall is one place that definitely needs a scrub down.

Since I am on the subject of the mall, I would like to see all people working in the mall to park as far away as possible, so to leave room for customers.

If people are unable to cut their grass, then there should be an able volunteer that could do it. If not the city should cut the grass and charge a nominal fee.

Direlict buildings and too many old vehicles on a property should be looked into by the city. Some properties in Cable Car look like a used car lot. Are they leaking oil into the creek ? How do they get away with having so many old vehicles on their property ? It certainly devalues nearby properties.
Burning down the house
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 1st July 2013
Doesn't surprise me in the least. The city allows abandoned, derelict buildings on properties to stand for decades then with economic prosperity comes the inevitable rush of unsavory characters to the promised land. Many who are of no use to said economic prosperity and this what's gonna happen. Maybe the city should look at cleaning up it's own backyard in a timely manner so as to remove such opportunity. I know this would be an enormous challenge for the city judging by the lack of effort concerning lawn maintenance around town. It is really quite sad.