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REPORTING · 28th June 2013
Walter McFarlane
A bylaw to permit recreation vehicles over 3700 kilograms to be parked during the winter on residential properties is one step closer to approval. It received first reading at the Regular Meeting of Council on June 17th.

In a memo to Council, CAO Ron Poole wrote: “Currently, the Kitimat Municipal Code prohibits the parking or storing of recreational vehicles in excess of 3700 kg gross mass on a residential lot from November 1st to March 31st. However, Council may grant approval for an owner to park their vehicle in the rear yard of the property.”

Poole also wrote that by adopting the bylaw, Council will grant approval for an owner to park or store one such recreational vehicle in the rear yard or side yard during the period from November 1st to March 31st. Parking a recreational vehicle in the front yard is not permitted.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff read the motion.

“This is a response to an anomaly that one resident had and it addresses a broader issue and I think the way we are moving forward makes sense and we’re going to get input from all different groups including the APC and this is the first step tonight, to pass 1st reading and if ultimately, we adopt the bylaw, it will grant approval for an owner to park or store one recreational vehicle in excess of 3700 kilograms gross mass on a residential lot between November 1st and March 31st in either the rear or side yard of their property,” said Feldhoff.

The motion was called and carried. It will return to Council for a public hearing on the 15th of July.
Whats the point of bylaws
Comment by Confused on 9th July 2013
If bylaws arent enforced why bother creating them. Does council not realize the problems we have in this community without a full time bylaw officer? Take a look at trucks parked on the front lawns! Commercial vehicles (huge flatbeads) parked overnight on the wrong side of the road in a residential area, washers dryers fridges stoves in driveways all winter long. Kitimat is so beautiful until you walk down some streets. Too bad no bylaw officer in town. Are we that broke?
Rv's parked on roads
Comment by Worried on 6th July 2013
There has been a large rv parked on our road for a month. This is a safety issue. Will our bylaws only be enforced when someone is killed? The municipality was advised and stated there is a lack of personnel to enforce its bylaws. Not good enough
RV Parking & Storage
Comment by DR on 5th July 2013
I agree, tarp covered RV's in the front yard can be unattractive but at the same time people have a right to live and enjoy life. That includes owning an RV or boat. Instead of more laws we need solutions. One obvious solution is to create more available RV winter storage options in Kitimat for owners. It's enterprising, generates revenue and no new laws required.
Unsightly RV parking !
Comment by CEM on 4th July 2013
If a person can afford an RV they should put them in storage. Nobody wants to look at an RV of any size with an ugly blue/ green tarp of any colour. By the time a frame is built over the overall size is even larger. Some cities do not allow any parking of RV's on their property. If out in Cable Car or Strawberry Meadows perhaps it could be allowed. The city allows property in Cable Car to have all kinds of unsightly vehicles parked on properties. So why no an unsightly RV ? The Mayor and council are very lax in unsitely properties. Fences not painted, fences falling down. Hope these fences don't fall down on someone at the back of properties where we have our lovely backyard walkways, which I have never felt safe walking anyway. I hope the new subdivisions incorporate walkways at the front of properties. I don't see it happening. How much safer it is to walk at the front of properties than the back of properties.
Comment by Chris on 3rd July 2013
It is my understanding that street parking of RVs is already not allowed on any street. I know neighbours of mine received warnings from the DOK saying if they did not remove their RVs from the streetside, they would have them towed and/or a fine levied. The existing bylaw needs to be enforced as I see more and more RVs and trailers parked on the streets.

As for the time frame, they obviously do not want these large vehicles parked on the street or at the front of houses during winter months due to snow clearing. If an RV or trailer is parked on a front lawn, they can't put snow from the street there without damaging it. If there are two across the road from each other, the snowblower driver couldn't just turn the chute to blow on the opposite yard.
Accident waiting to happen
Comment by Concerned citizen on 29th June 2013
I think these trailers and motor homes should not be able to park on the streets.some little kid comes out and that is time on Albatross there was a trailer parked on the side of the street and the bus was coming at the same time and it was pretty scary,I thought I was going to get hit.So I agree they should not be stored on the streets.
Then what?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 28th June 2013
Council has put a time line on when you can have your trailer parked at the side of your house then after March 31 what happens ,it gets parked back on the street again? If you are going to allow it ,you may as well have it year round , makes more sense than parking it on the street for 6 months.