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REPORTING · 28th June 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Business Amendment Bylaw, to regulate Escort Service in Kitimat received a third reading on Monday, June 3rd at the Regular Meeting of Council. Originally, it was supposed to receive Final Adoption but Councillor Phil Germuth rescinded the third reading for several changes which were provided by Administration.

Lyle McNish explained there was a question as to whether an escort, acting as an interdependent contractor and what their license fee would look like. With the change, the individual would have to pay the $2000 for a business license.

A second question was why individual escorts would have to have a Criminal Record Check. Administration found out the owners and operators of escort services perform Criminal Record Checks to determine whether or not human trafficking was involved.

There was no further discussion so the third reading was called and carried.

It returned to Council on Monday, June 17th for final adoption. It was moved by Councillor Mario Feldhoff.

Councillor Rob Goffinet stated: “I know a lot of people have spoken to me and asked: What are we accomplishing with this bylaw.” He said he wanted to answer the question: Why is Council putting a bylaw concerning escort services in Kitimat.

“Are we in effect, promoting it? No, it’s already here. I think Council by drafting this is attempting to regulate, to protect in the only way we can, people that are going to engage in this business activity whether we approve of it or not. The reason I would support this is every person carrying on in this business or operating an agency. By this bylaw, if they follow our bylaw and this is their intent, they would have to register with their name, their age, their address and proof of name and age, and a description of every individual employed or engaged in this business. There has to be a written record with the RCMP of every request to provide or furnish an escort or partner, giving name, address of the individual requesting the service. This is not a clever way to shame people,” said Goffinet. “This is for the protection of everyone involved.”

He stated there is a record of everyone involved if a criminal act occurs, which happens where there is not a bylaw. He expressed if this goes unregulated, they could be underage or foreign workers brought in to be enslaved into prostitution.

The motion was called and carried.
Six of one...
Comment by Chris on 5th July 2013
What I seem to think is illegal? You seem to be very passionate about this subject for some reason, That Guy, which is fine but the way you're going about trying to get your point across isn't making me a fan. If I must clarify so you don't continue to quote my original statement when you've obviously proven me wrong, prostitution is LEGAL as you say, yet what makes prostituting ones self out illegal has to do with the johns. So, why shouldn't the police focus on THAT aspect of it then? I agree, there are other factors/issues that come with prostitution as you mentioned (drugs, abuse, trafficking, weapons, etc.,) but you can't ignore one simply to focus on another because you deem it more or less important. It is very apparent that many in this community are opposed to this type of business, although it has been apparently operating underground (so illegally as far as operating permits and business licences goes.) The police and/or council cannot turn a blind eye to complaints because as soon as something goes wrong, and it will unfortunately, they will have a lot to answer for if they have sat back and done nothing simply because "prostitution is legal."
Kitimat Girls
Comment by kitimat resident on 5th July 2013
You can see how this affects kitimat, legal or not legal, it gives kitimat a bad name. All you need to do is go on FB and type in Kitimat Girls... this is how it carries on..behind the scenes.
Comment by That Guy on 3rd July 2013
Actually it makes perfect sense.
As it states prostitution is legal.
There fore it is not the RCMP job to anything in regards to prostitution.
It is not illegal as you state below
"Prostitution is illegal and if the police aren't doing anything now knowing these things are happening, before it's "legal" what makes you think the police will do anything after a bylaw is passed? "

And yes there are rules that make it difficult to legally prostitute your self out, and most of the rules are in regard to "the Johns" .
So instead of focusing on something that is not illegal lets have the RCMP focus on the stuff that actually is illegal and will actually be worth their time. They can focus on the drug dealers, speeders, weapons, violence against woman ,human trafficking and many of the actually illegal activities that circle prostitution.
Or....they can go chase all the things you "think" are illegal
Makes no sense..
Comment by Chris on 3rd July 2013
Your post makes no sense. First you say prostitution is legal, then you say the prostitution laws make it impossible to do it legally. Which means most are working illegally. Obviously if the laws make it impossible to be legal, most, if not all, prostitution activity is, in fact, illegal.
Actually you are wrong
Comment by That guy on 29th June 2013
Canadian Prostitution Laws
Prostitution (meaning the exchange of sex for money or other goods) in Canada is legal. However the laws in Canada regarding prostitution make it almost impossible to work legally. There are four sections of the Canadian Criminal Code that directly relate to prostitution.
Works for legal business only
Comment by Chris on 29th June 2013
Sure, this bylaw works for an escort agency that is operating legally, but as it's been stated, this kind of business is already here; which means it has been operating unlawfully up until now. What makes people think that the unlawful will now become lawful just because council approved a bylaw? Underground escort business will continue to thrive in Kitimat due to the fact that they won't want to jump through all the hoops or pay the fees included. Prostitution is illegal and if the police aren't doing anything now knowing these things are happening, before it's "legal" what makes you think the police will do anything after a bylaw is passed? It is the bylaw officer's job to enforce the bylaw (how will this be accomplished when the bylaw officer works office hours but the escorts work at night?) but it is the police's job to enforce the actual LAW. And anyone who says these men are hiring these women strictly for "company during dinner, theatre or coffee" better get their heads out of the sand.