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REPORTING · 27th June 2013
Walter McFarlane
The first item in Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s good news for Monday, June 17th was obvious to everyone in the room, Council had moved to a new location.

The good news is the handicapped and the disabled are now able to join us and it’s friendly to them,” said Monaghan. “When I broke my leg in November, my only way of getting up into the chamber in the old fire hall was that I had to have Policemen or a Fireman carry me.”

She said it was a neat thing to have a fireman carry her but she did not like it because it made her feel like she had lost some of her confidence. Council pushed for the new hall and now they have it.

Present at the meeting was Mary Montero, who wanted to come to Council Meetings but was unable to attend at the Fire Hall. Monaghan welcomed her, Denise Henning and Dave O’Leary who helped them get their new ‘digs.’

In addition to being accessible to people with mobility issues, the new location has several features which the old location did not have. Council spent the extra money to improve the sound system in their new chambers.

The new location is much bigger and has more room to move around during the meetings. The gallery seating is much more comfortable than at the Fire Hall and there is much more parking in the parking lot at the college.

At the end of the meeting, we asked Mayor Joanne Monaghan and Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen if the meeting went off without a hitch.

Monaghan told us it went very well, but she and other members of Council still needed to get used to the push button microphone system. One Councillor forgot to turn on the microphone (and we noticed another forgetting to turn his off) She also expressed the layout is wider so there were a few problems noticing which councillors wish to speak.

Waycheshen told us the staff was aware of what needed to be done with the chairs. They also needed to get everyone into the room to make sure everything was working properly. They now know what needs to be fine-tuned.

“All in all, we are very pleased with it. I’m interested to see what we get for feedback,” said Waycheshen.
Try the college
Comment by Walter McFarlnae on 1st July 2013
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Comment by merdle on 1st July 2013
I have read this article a few times, I understand there is more parking at the college parking lot. However no where does it tell me where the new chambers are. Please give a little more details as to where I would be able to go watch the council meetings.