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NEWS RELEASE · 25th June 2013
Coast Mountains School District is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dan Striker to the position of Vice Principal, Mount Elizabeth Middle/Secondary School in Kitimat effective August 1, 2013.

Mr. Striker holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography from the University of Victoria, a Professional Development Program Certification in Social Studies and Physical Education from Simon Fraser University and is enrolled in a Master of Education Degree Program in Educational leadership from Vancouver Island University.

Born and raised in Kitimat, Dan has taught at Mount Elizabeth for 21 years and is a passionate advocate for the school and the community. He works tirelessly for the young people of the area and the school district is most fortunate to have an educator of his caliber joining the Leadership Team.
Get a grip
Comment by Sara on 8th August 2013
Unfortunately for Gerry and the anonymous "amazed" who could even provide his/her name, the amount of students and parents that approve of Mr.Striker and his promotion vastly outweigh the deliquents and their parents who think their child is picked on. If you live up to your potential and do what you are supposed to do and not get lippy or talk back like so many students these days you won't have a problem.
Comment by Gerry on 3rd August 2013
I agree with the first person in saying Dan Striker is not the right person for the VP job
I don't care if your "buds" but I have seen first hand the harassment and humiliation that happened in his class room and my son was his kicking post.
I removed my son from that environment and is doing very well at the other school A and B's
In my job at RTA I talk to lots of parents and when the kids come up, and problems with, there is 2 teachers names that come up constantly Striker is one.
If I treated my fellow employee's like striker treats his students I would have been terminated and sued
The only good thing with him being VP is he wont have much direct impact on students and will be held more accountable....I hope
Striker is great
Comment by Old Basketball Pupil on 16th July 2013
Please disregard the above post... I was a student of Mr. Striker and he was also my basketball coach 3 different years in my high school duration and I can honestly say that Striker wants the best out of his students.. When he is yelling or upset at a student, it is because he feels that student has much more to give and he just wants the student to work his best and live up to their potential. A little yelling or asking for more is not being a bully, I think whoever wrote the above post is completely wrong and doesn't know Striker or understand that he cares for his students. I've been graduated for about 10 years and still keep in contact with Striker and he is great
Comment by Amazed on 4th July 2013
You talk about anti bullying in the high school and yet you promote the biggest bully the school system has seen to VP WOW
My kids and LOTS of others kids have been bullied and harassed by your new VP
Next time my kids have problems I will be having the school board brought down and NOT talking with the Pricipal or the VP