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REPORTING · 23rd June 2013
Walter McFarlane
Updated Again Sunday June 23rd
According to Terry Smeader, the owner of Jed Stumps Estate, His property has not been sold and the sale of which will have to go before Council for a zoning amendment if it does sell.

According to Mayor Joanne Monaghan, the land has been technically sold pending the zoning amendment.

As always, Mayor Joanne Monaghan began the Council Meeting for June 17th with her customary good news.

“The good news is the handicapped and the disabled are now able to join us and it’s friendly to them,” said Monaghan. She shared the story about how Council moved into the new location.

Monaghan expressed she cut the cake during Seniors Week at the Snowflake Senior’s Society. At KHAG, Councillor Rob Goffinet was re-elected chair. She thanked him for doing a good job. She said there are lot of things on the KHAG plate including a Trauma Centre.

Monaghan was privileged to hand out the big buckle at Bull-O-Rama and thanked Jack Oviatt for putting it on again this year, because some of the funds go to the Hospital Foundation.

The Portuguese Flag was raised at the Fire Hall in honour of the great poet, Luís de Camões. Monaghan said a few words.

She presided over the scholarships at the High School. Andrea Sanders-Crouch, Alaina Fontes, Carly Roberts and Lucas Galamini each received a scholarship from the District of Kitimat.

Monaghan expressed Telus is invested $800,000 in Kitimat this year to enhance the wireless and broadband internet coverage in the community. This way, people and businesses will have more access to the internet and wireless enhanced services.

Finally, Mayor Joanne Monaghan talked about how Council voted on PTI. “There were several businesses and industries which were sort of on hold and on Tuesday, they all signed their bills of sale so we now have these properties which are now sold: Oceanview, Aluminium City Lodge, Jed Stump’s Trailer Park and Alexander Townhouses,” said Monaghan.

She said there would be more in the future.

She turned the Good News over to Councillor Rob Goffinet who went to Kitsumkalum. He presented the Mayor with a Cedar Box which was presented to him at the first Tsimtsum Aboriginal Education Feast at the end of May.

This feast related to the restoration of the languages in the Northwest. He explained there was a presentation for Mayor Joanne Monaghan in the program. Inside the box is a DVD of the Mayor learning the language and being recorded.

Monaghan said they are working with John Daily to do a series of the Mayor’s speaking the languages in this region. However, she stated she would not play the dvd. She stated she learned some of her own native language which she taught to the class.
Trailer Park Boys
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 1st July 2013
Well if'n you wanna live in a trailer park you can always go to Nova Scotia and live in Ricky,Julien and Bubble's trailer park
Good News?
Comment by Larry Walker on 24th June 2013
I don't know what she is smoking...but I want some.
trailer park rezoning
Comment by i scott on 23rd June 2013
how is the selling of the trailer park good news when every one living there will have their lives turned upside down and have to move , and what if the only other trailer park sells then what no more trailer parks in kitimat i hope they think about that senario first.