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REPORTING · 17th June 2013
Walter McFarlane
A local resident is upset after both her and her dog were attacked by a neighbour’s dog on Friday Night. Debbie LeDuc was bitten on the bridge of her nose and her pet required medical care at the local vet.

“I was getting ready to have a BBQ, a dog came into my back yard, attacked my little Wiener dog who is now fighting for his life at the vet, [the owners] are not taking any responsibility for it, denying it was their dog but there five of us there who witnessed, five of us who tried to get the dog to let go of my dog,” said LeDuc.

She told us both the Humane Society and the Police are involved in an investigation. She expressed the dog is neither muzzled and is allowed to roam. Normally, the dog stay’s on its property going back and forth between the road and the house.

We were informed by the Humane Society the incident is still under investigation.
Bad dog owners
Comment by Misspriss on 24th June 2013
I heard about this attack it happened on my street the dog was was in his own backyard and the pitbull was the one who came into the home owners backyard I called the SPCA in fear for my own dog and cat and heard that they have had problems with this pitbull before and are doing all they can at this point. It's sad that owners can't take responsible care for their animals. I heard the little dog was close to dying but has made it this far and I hope he continues to make a great recovery and I also hope this pitbull owner smartened up because of you're going to have a lovely dog such as a pitbull you need to know what it takes to raise one properly! I fully blame the dog owner !
Really Bill?
Comment by That Guy on 21st June 2013
Something to say again eh Bill, wasn't it you awhile back who was upset after your dog which was off leash ran into traffic and got hit but a vehicle . You were quick to blame the driver and made all kinds of speculation as to the drivers condition and ethics , but really didn't care enuff about your dogs safety or the safety of others to be a responsible dog owner. But im sure you will have all kinds of defensive remarks in regards to your own lack of respect for animals and others safety.
A Pit Bull? Really?
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 19th June 2013
Sheesh...another pit bull incident where animals and people are hurt? But these dogs are so nice. Must be ANOTHER bad owner I guess...
Many dogs do as they please
Comment by Dog lover on 18th June 2013
So many dogs are left free to roam, to mess in their neighbours yard, to bark nonstop, yet it continues even after politely asking to adhere to the bilaws. There is little reinforcement by the municipality. Such a shame
Dog remains at home.
Comment by Witness on 17th June 2013
Dog is a Pitbull Cross. Located on Kootenay.
Dog suffered a puntured lung broken rib and lacerated muscle .
More details pls......
Comment by Larry Walker on 17th June 2013
1...where in Kitimat did this event happen?
2...what breed of dog attached the smaller pet?
3...where is the attack dog now? in the spca?