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REPORTING · 15th June 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat unveiled one of two new vehicle charging stations in town on Friday, June 14th bringing the total number of charging stations in Kitimat to 3. One at Lapoint Engineering, one at Riverlodge and the charging station which was unveiled today, outside Envision Financial. This makes two public charging stations and one commercial.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan was really excited about Kitimat being in the regional loop and putting Kitimat on the cutting edge. “Kitimat is doing its part in forming a regional network of charging stations,” said Monaghan in a District of Kitimat media release. “Having such infrastructure makes Kitimat an electric vehicle-friendly community and is a step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Wendy Kraft, the Manager of Envision Financial stated they were approached by Council concerning the installation of a charging station. While there are more electric cars in the lower mainland, the facilities department was willing to put a charging station outside.

Mark Gravel, an EV owner and member of the Advisory Planning Commission explained it takes about 4 hours to charge an EV. If he has to do longer stretches then his local commute, he has the option to use gas.

According to the press release: the public units at Riverlodge and Envision are free.

“The Leviton Evr-Green units are among the most recognized and reliable chargers on the market today. ChargePoint Network has a mobile application for smartphones to help customers quickly find charging locations all over the country, reserve a unit, and even track charging progress,

The new stations were made possible through the efforts of numerous individuals, including:

- Mark Gravel (EV owner and Advisory Planning Commission member)
- Wendy Kraft (Branch Manager, Envision Financial and APC member)
- Michael Bergen (E.B. Horsman & Son – supplier)
- Darren Hedberg (DCH Industries – contractor)
- Tara Irwin (Sustainability Coordinator, City of Terrace)
- District of Kitimat planning staff

Financial support was provided through the Plug-In BC program administered by the Fraser Basin Council, in addition to the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program grant received by the District of Kitimat as one of the most recent signatories to British Columbia’s Climate Action Charter.” read the release.
DOK Fleet
Comment by Daniel Carter on 21st June 2013
Perhaps when the fleet of the district vehicles need to be replaced, some of the smaller cars can and should be electric or hybrid purchases.
City of the Future
Comment by Cam Marleau on 20th June 2013
Kitimat used to be thought of as a city of the future, it would be neat to attempt to reclaim that status. Now is the time to do some future-proofing by using some green thinking in amongst all of this industrialization. These large corporations and new big businesses need to be contributing to the health and well being of the community as they are using it for their profits and adding pollution to the environment.
It would be nice to think that they would take responsibility for themselves and put green initiatives into not only the planning of their own projects, but also into the town they do business in.
Here are some things I would like to see industry and new big business do in Kitimat :
-add EV charging stations to their park lots when they build them and donate more of them to public spaces.
- Build a bicycle path to Alcan Beach and the Industrial area.
- Replace destroyed Douglas Channel hiking trail with new trail elsewhere in Kitimat Valley.

Does anybody else have any suggestions?
a couple answers
Comment by phil germuth on 16th June 2013
The electric vehicle charging stations were funded by a government grant. I'm not sure exactly how many others besides Mr Gravel's Chevrolet Volt are in Kitimat but according to ICBC there are only about 450 fully electric vehicles registered in all of BC. The overwhelming majority of those are owned by government agencies.
Comment by CEM on 16th June 2013
This is all new to me. I would like to know who pays for these charging stations and the electricity ?
Cost and Benefit of Charging Stations
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 16th June 2013
I have read the blurb on the DoK website, the story in the Sentinel and this story now in the Daily. None explain how much these electric/hybrid car stations cost, who pays for them and how many owners of electric cars there are in Kitimat who will use them. Those are normal questions...I think? I'm not complaining or protesting...I think electric cars are a great idea! I wish I could afford one! Maybe I'll get a used one in a few years. Anyways...anybody know the answers to my questions?
sulphur dioxide - Rio Tinto Alcan
Comment by estannus on 15th June 2013
Kudos to the District of Kitimat for implementing recharging stations.
It is frustrating though to know that our biggest industry in Kitimat has the get-go to increase sulphur dioxide emissions by 56%.

I guess we should appreciate any small step forward towards clean air and reduced emissions.
where's Rio Tinto?
Comment by H.Sanou on 15th June 2013
In Parksville you see all sorts of electric charging stations, sponsored by Rio Tinto.
Wonder why they don't do this in Kitimat or are we too cutting edge.
I look forward to the District getting into the service station business and be really "cutting edge"