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Photo by Walter McFarlane
NEWS RELEASE · 5th June 2013
District of Kitimat
Effective June 17, Kitimat Council meetings will be held in a new chamber at the local Northwest Community College (NWCC) campus, located at 606 Mountainview Square. The change means improved accessibility for persons with mobility issues.

Council meetings were held upstairs in the Public Safety Building at the corner of Haisla Blvd. and Kingfisher Ave. since the mid-1950s. Ten different Reeves/Mayors presided over meetings at this location during that time, including current Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

“This is a great step forward for Council and myself,” said Monaghan. “The new chamber will be accessible to those with disabilities. We will be closer to having face-to-face communication with all residents of Kitimat.”

In conjunction with the opening of the new chamber, Committee of the Whole meetings will also move to NWCC. These meetings are currently held at the municipal office in the City Centre Mall.

Regular council meetings are usually held on the first and third Monday of each month, starting at 7:30 pm. Committee of the Whole meetings take place (as needed) on the second and fourth Monday of each month, also at 7:30 pm. In the event of a holiday, meetings are held the following evening.
new chambers
Comment by marymurphy on 13th June 2013
rory, although I agree and look forward to having our own bldg., money has to be put aside for the future bldging of a town hall. nothing was in place and we have set reserves aside which will be built on yearly. its going to take some time, and we still are paying off the pool, so don't want to place the town in debt right now. the rent is cheap where it is now. NWCC is "giving" the use of the chambers for free, so although we fulfill one goal, to have access to the council meetings for all, it is at no expense to the community, short of the cost of renovations.
Rory Brown For Mayor!!!!
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th June 2013
Keep em honest Rory brown
Great idea ??????
Comment by Rory Brown on 6th June 2013
This is wonderful news. Council decided to go from a location that the town owns, and is paid for, to a new location that WE rent. Not only are we renting it, we pay for the renovations as well. Add to this the rent we pay at the mall. Stop throwing money around like its free. Build a city hall. We own the land next to the fire hall. It is a great location, and the fire fighters living quarters could be built above it. Stop paying rent. The amount we have spent on rent over the years would have built this a few times now.