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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd June 2013
Leon Dumstrey-Soos
I was disappointed with the Councils & Administrations presentation- and in some way with PTI- , being unable to illustrate historical facts of the Community and its growing pains from the beginning to the present times, so that the present proposal of PTI with some common sense adjustment particularly in area of social concerns of the inhabitants of the CAMP and Community may have an opportunity for better reception and approval by the Local PUBLIC. After all we live in 21st century. Why create an unwelcoming antagonistic atmosphere with the newcomers to this town?

It was sadly a Pathological example of our Administrative Officials, their lack and ignorance of proper homework on the subject. Nothing I have seen represents long term-one generation - SOUND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH with reasonable Socio/Economic BENEFIT to the COMMUNITY! Or at least the MOST of it! How do you seriously replace past loses, certainly not by outsourcing the community Socially and Economically for the “money” ONLY , desperate political flirting of individuals and Administrative Failure in Planning by not having SERIOUSLY FUTURE of THIS COMMUNITY in VIEW!!

The proof is already here! The Present Camp at RTA! BY this PTI proposal, I do not see schools reopening, retail growth, hospital expansion (perhaps Emergencies only) etc., save for those that live in Community present rentals or perhaps purchased (rented) homes. PTI-correct me if I’m wrong - also does not have a Parking Allowance for individual workers, RATHER CAR RESTRICTIONS ON THEIR PERMISES! Why is this social restriction ALLOWED and APROVED at this stage of civilization? Does it mean that the workers living there will be RESTRICTED to move freely on their time about the Community and surrounding area? Are we endorsing “MODERN GULAGS”???

Here was Community Present for the second time and again with 90% opposing -for whatever reason of individuals and concerned groups- to the LOCATION of the PTI project , NOT THE PROPOSAL ITSELF, yet our officials as usual totally IGNORING PUBLIC are ready to give 3rd reading to the “TEMPORARY BYLAW” for the PTI project. Why? What is the rush! Should we not concern ourselves more with rebuilding this community soundly- for a change- rather than playing politics?

To remember -historically- we had many camps next or in our community: Smelter site Camp some 3500 people. Later moved to River Lodge and was eventually closed. There was Trailer Court on the South Bank of Anderson Creek, few hundred families lived there, right across was the Saguenay Kitimat Construction Camp with 4700 people. Kitimat Concrete Camp. There were over 1000 forestry workers here. There was no Highway, just a railroad, yet Community was vibrant and integrated. So why we cannot do the same again? Integrate!

When the highway 35 opened to traffic there was 2-3 km bumper to bumper line up. Kitimat at its peak had close to 16 thousand populations and had no serious traffic problems save at shift changes which were perhaps more related to the late and impatient commuters and perhaps poor traffic coordination with the shifts of various Industries.

Today majority of the traffic are commuters –few hundred of them-from Terrace where many are late going to work or hasty when going home. In fact the real numbers of commuter have not increased at this time, yet some of the poor traffic habits are worse I believe!