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Mrs. Eugia's Grade Four Class accept the Peace Pole on behalf of the School.
REPORTING · 3rd June 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Rotary Club of Kitimat has named the Rotary Peace School for the 2012-2013 school year. This year’s Peace School is Nechako Elementary School. Nechako Principal David Mills and Linda Campbell announced the accomplishment on Monday, May 27th.

“A couple of years ago, Rotary International had decided they wanted to make a Peace Community and our Rotary Community decided that we would like to go to Council and Petition them and ask them if they could do that for us,” said Campbell.

She told the students how every September, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world as well as in Kitimat. It was head of the Peace Committee, Eleanor Kendal who decided to make some Peace Schools in Kitimat.

To accomplish this, the Rotary Club approached the schools and asked them to consider entering to become a peace school. Kildala won the Peace School 2 years in a row. The winners of this competition get a Peace Pole engraved with: ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth to be placed somewhere in the School Yard so the students would be encouraged to make Peace Prevail on Earth.

The Peace Pole was carved by Riel Levesque, Orlando Couto donated ceder pole.

The second part of the prize comes from the District of Kitimat, the use of the Swimming Pool for a class trip for every student in the school.

“You have those things because in this school, what you guys do every day, and your teachers do every day, is they promote a caring environment, an environment where all of you feel safe, an environment where you help within the community, you help within your school,” said Campbell.

She told them how they funded the Trail Rider, because one of the students would not be excluded from the trip. Another example of one of the fundraising projects done by the school was given earlier in the assembly, the Jump Rope for Heart. The students at Nechako Elementary School raised $7,800 for this project.

Councillor Rob Goffinet, a former teacher at Nechako, representing Mayor Joanne Monaghan, said a few words on behalf of Council. “I used to be in this school for many years and I know what a great school it is. I know you’ve got great teachers and staff and definitely fantastic students and that Peace Pole shows how great you really are,” said Goffinet.

He encouraged the students to keep Canada glorious, as well as free, as they had sang in the National Anthem and expressed they cannot have a glorious school, town and violence with war and violence. He expressed he was appreciative the school was showing Kitimat how the young people appreciate a peaceful community.

Goffinet congratulated the teachers as this accomplishment was a sign of the good work they have done over the school year. He wished them all a wonderful, safe and peaceful summer.
Riel Levesque carved the Peace Pole, Orlando Couto donated ceder pole
Riel Levesque carved the Peace Pole, Orlando Couto donated ceder pole