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REPORTING · 23rd May 2013
Walter McFarlane
With deadlines looming in Council, particularly, the deadline for public consultation on PTI, Councillor Phil Germuth made a motion at Council on Tuesday, May 21st for the District of Kitimat to send out letter of consultation with a public notice enclosed to strawberry meadows, Lahakus, Quatsino, Delta King Place and Kiwanis Village to request public input on the proposed PTI Camp Project.

“With a project of this size and magnitude in a residential zone, the District of Kitimat’s current 90 metre consultation zone is inadequate. Inserting a 2000+ temporary worker facility into a residential neighbourhood will no doubt affect a significantly larger portion of the population than only those living in 90 metres,” said Germuth.

He stated the effects of the density increase will have on noise levels, social issues and traffic congestion would be burdened upon the people the motion would contact.

Councillor Mary Murphy stated the process began months ago in camera, went public in September / October and has been very well advertised. There were two open houses, one town hall meeting and PTI opened an office in down town Kitimat to answer queries and questions.

She questioned whether or not sending out letters to many people would be adopted into their future policies and procedures. She did not think doing this would change the process.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know if there was sufficient time to send out the letter without changing the schedule. He stated a public hearing was scheduled for May 28th.

Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen stated the meeting was set for next Tuesday, (May 28th) at Riverlodge and what they would do is make copies of the notice and go door to door dropping them off. It would go above and beyond what they normally do but they would do it.

However, Community Planner Gwen Sewell told Council it would be last minute for the cut-off date for written responses. “The cut-off date for providing written comment in advance is 8:30 am on Thursday. Whatever comment we have at that time will be included in the assembled report we will prepare for Mayor and Council. The people who will be getting the notices late will not have very much time but they will have basically a day to get us written comment in advance but certainly, they will be able to attend the public hearing,” said Sewell.

Germuth thanked staff. “If we had known about this back in February, that the consultation process being administered by administration on behalf of us, would have known, I honestly would have put this through but I didn’t find out until last week,” said Germuth.

The motion was called and carried.

The deadline for written submission is at 8:30 on Thursday, May 23rd. There is a public hearing at Riverlodge on Tuesday, May 28th at 7:00 pm in the community room.
disrepect for locals
Comment by mary murphy on 27th May 2013
colleen rose...We do the best that we can under the established policies and plan, and that is on the kitimat web site, you can view them. this was a step over and above, and the steps were clearly laid out to mayor and council, the process not once but several times. Everyone has been and is responding to this proposal, and will have another change at the public consultation meeting. at the end of the day it will be the community who decides if this is a go...or not! "Locals" who do not voice their opposition or support, i presume don't mind. it sadness me that you believe no one is looking after the community interests, which may be one thing to you and another to someone else, but...reviewing the official community plan will need to be done, and i would appreciate your name coming forward to be part of that committee. then you will set the standards that the next council follow.
Does the future of Community matter anymore?
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-Soos on 27th May 2013
I have no objection to accomodate 3000 people more to live here. However standards of the subdivission must be the same that were applied to six of mine in past forty years, consisting of: Konigus str., Driftwood str.,Dease str., Duncan str., Baxter Str., Banyay Ave, Sickney str. and Hallman str.

Simply, this proposed PTI project when aborted should leave minimum size multiple zoning lots with all the services-hydro, gas, water, sewer, storm, curbs and paved steets-, which in turn would leave max. tax for community and ready land for low cost housing that is today is of great social concern and importance!

What is today presented to us by Council and its Administration (that seems to lack of principal and character) is again example of, total failure, lack of vision and responsibiliy to the future of Kitimat!
Disrespect for locals.
Comment by Colleen Rose on 23rd May 2013
Well it looks like the local politicians that were voted in by the people have for gotten whom they are suppose to represent. Remember this come voting time.