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REPORTING · 13th May 2013
Walter McFarlane
Watch our video of her speech on Kitimat Daily Videos here

Christy Clark was in Kitimat on Wednesday, May 8th. She met with parents and was introduced to several babies and students before she began to speak. She thanked the children for coming out and thanked Carol Leclerc who is the candidate for Skeena.

“She wants to see economic growth in the Northwest continue, she wants to see this economic boom come to the Northwest of British Columbia. She is an outstanding woman, a passionate representative and she’s going to work hard to represent the people of Kitimat and the Northwest,” said Clark.

She explained she was touring British Columbia to connect the dots to show how the resource economy supports every family no matter where they live, strong leadership includes the vision to connect those dots.

She told the media and supporters that earlier, she was in Fort Nelson where the natural gas is processed before going to Kitimat where the gas will be shipped to markets in Asia.

“We are standing at the start of the path to a debt free British Columbia right here in Kitimat, because by shipping clean, natural gas to markets in Asia, we will create a hundred billion dollars worth of revenue for our prosperity fund for our kids and that prosperity fund will make BC Debt Free in 15 years for the children who are standing here today.” said Clark. “It would mean, when it is their turn to lead this province, they can make their own choices about what they want this province to look like instead of living under a burden of debt that we’ve created for them. But we can only get there if we keep our economy strong.”

She stated Kitimat is already prospering from forestry, mining, Aluminium. These industries do not just provide jobs, but also build communities and weave them community. She stated investments are made in the Northern Medical Program at UNBC and the sportsplex in Terrace.

“A strong economy needs strong leadership, and strong leadership means saying yes to opportunity. Freezing personal taxes, cutting red tape, putting BC on the path to a more competitive tax rate, not permanently raising it as the NDP proposed to do, a strong economy needs a government that will control spending and put us on a path to a debt free BC. BC’s economy is standing strong in the face of risky global economies world-wide. When I look at the people here, and I see how well you are doing, I feel so proud of what you’ve built, it’s a great feeling,” said Clark.

“But three billion dollars of out of control NDP Spending and a no growth agenda for our economy will kill jobs and it will hurt families, at one of the most difficult times in the world economy. Weak leadership means a weak economy. Adrian Dix and the NDP will say no to economic opportunities,” said Clark.

She stated the NDP says they will support it, but they say no to the things which need to happen to make it go, while the Liberals are saying yes to maintaining to the process. She said they want double red tape, years of delays, locking up the industry before it grows and powers up the economy, communities and families.

“We say yes to building the liquefaction facilities here in Kitimat that will attract the investment that is required for this industry to form more companies and keep the growth of this economy growing. They say no. They want to put a new tax on natural gas that will scare away investment in the facilities planned for Kitimat right here. We say yes to skills training opportunities which is why we’ve invested more than $75 million dollars to make sure British Columbians are first in line for those opportunities,” said Clark.

“There won’t be a single Liquefied Natural Gas job to be found in British Columbia if the NDP have there way. We say yes to natural gas, we say yes to this industry, we say yes to a debt free BC and no to the NDP because they are a danger to our economy, they are a danger to your families, families need stability and the NDP create instability. This election is a stark choice. We can go backward to more debt, more out of control spending or we can move forward with strong leadership and a clear consistent principled vision. We have an opportunity to change the future of British Columbia the same way that WAC Bennett changed the future of this province when he had the vision to power it up, but we have to act decisively to seize that opportunity. Only today’s Liberals have a clear plan to control spending, a plan to grow the economy, a plan to put us on a plan to debt free. Only today’s BC Liberals have strong leadership for a strong economy. We say yes to opportunity, we say yes to opportunities like natural gas. We say yes to opportunities to this community, we say yes to the future of these kids who are here today. We say yes to a thriving natural resource economy that ignites our province and creates a better tomorrow for our children. We say yes to you,” said Clark.

Clark was asked to comment on why Adrian Dix, the leader of the NDP has yet to make an appearance in Northern BC. “I don’t think Adrian Dix has been North of Prince George in the entire campaign,” said Clark. “I think it reflects the fact that the NDP aren’t interested in understanding our resource economy here in British Columbia. That’s why they say no to economic development projects, that’s why they say no to LNG, that’s why they say no to forestry projects, that’s why they say no to economic development around the province. If you don’t come and look at it, talk to the people who work in those businesses, you can’t really understand it.”

Clark clarified the Liberal government is not negotiating with Enbridge. She has set out five conditions and she thinks those conditions will affect the outcome of the election. She said she has taken a consistent position on heavy oil. She said she will not be changing those conditions which are firm and tough.

She accused the NDP on changing their position weekly on what they would do with the heavy oil weekly. She added a party which changes its principals is not going to protect the coast. The way to protect the coast is to stick with their principals.

Clark said she wants to make the first nations a part of the goal orientation in the province. She said they will lift them up and make sure economic development goes ahead. The Liberals want to create economic development for the First Nations and this would make it possible to get to treaties.

She added economic development for the First Nations equals economic development for the entire community. She complimented Ellis Ross for his work in bringing Liquefied Natural Gas to BC and lifting it all up.

On a final question concerning a recent action by one of her supporters, she accused the NDP of running a negative campaign despite promising to run a positive campaign.

“I think what he’s trying to do is direct people’s attention away from the real issues that are at stake here in the campaign. The real issues that are at stake are all about the economy. It’s making sure that we grow this economy for everyone in every community. He would grow government, he will grow the economy,” said Clark. “They say they’re going to run a positive campaign, but it’s really a negative campaign. They say they’re in favour of resource development, but then they say no. Positive means negative, yes means no. I think we’re kind of getting used to that from the NDP.”
Thats one way to ruin a view
Comment by Former Kitimatian on 13th May 2013
Leave it to the premier to come to Kitimat stand on one of the most beautiful city lookouts there is and spout a bunch of nonsense. I really hope she does not get in for all of British Columbia's personal sanity.