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REPORTING · 13th May 2013
Walter McFarlane
Christy Clark’s short visit to Kitimat had quite a few hang ups. Many people were not aware of when or where she would be in Kitimat until the day of the event. In addition to her supporters and reporters her rally drew in several Enbridge protestors from Douglas Channel Watch, some voters who would be ignored and Barney the Dinosaur.

“We were here to remind Christy Clark that there is a lot of us here in this valley and all across the North Coast of British Columbia, all of British Columbia actually, who do not want Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project to come through and specifically, we don’t want liquid petroleum products coming onto the North Coast at all,” said Murray Minchin.

During Clark’s Speech, Liberal Party Members raised up Carol LeClerc Signs to block off the signs held by the protesters. Minchin asked them the same question because all of the cameras were pointed at Clark. Only Clark would have been able to see the signs from where they were situated.

“Were they trying to hide Clark from the protest, are they trying to shield her from what citizens here are trying to say. There was definitely a move on their part to block Christy from the Truth on the North Coast here,” said Minchin.

Minchin expressed he is concerned about the increase in size to the tank farm, which will be just up the channel from a 30 kilometer fault line which was accidentally discovered when they were doing a survey of the sea floor last summer. He is concerned a diluted bitumen spill will settle to the floor of the rivers into the spawning gravel.

“The people of BC don’t want it,” said Minchin.

John Allsop wanted to ask Clark a question. When she was done with her interviews and was getting ready to leave, he approached her, shook her hand and asked if he could ask her a question. She did not object so he asked: “is it right that this province of British Columbia be under a corporate power?” asked Allsop.

“I have never seen a hand be pulled away from mine so fast. She turned away and walked on without even saying a word. I respectfully introduced myself, I was well dressed and that was the response I got,” said Allsop. “I was very disappointed in Christy Clark's response to somebody who is asking her a question. I was almost insulted for her not to answer that question.”

We also asked Minchin if he is opposed to everything , as there are a lot of people claiming: It’s the same people who are opposed to everything. “Absolutely not, I’m opposed to the Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project because it’s a huge, massive risk. It will be here for generations if anything goes wrong,” said Minchin.
the truth
Comment by outdoorsman on 25th May 2013
the truth is we all use gas oil propane we will not stop using it what i see here is pipe lines be it gas oil lng is ok just NOT in my back yard well maybe they should open there eyes a lil as its already being shipped here the condinsate "spelling " is already coming in via boat its just not leaving with oil yet ! sad yes and the costic soda thats get shipped in world kill the ocean for ever both are sad to see coming in to our town but like most things you can not stop what they goverment wants look at the price of gas we all bitch and moan but we still by it so untell you stop the use of it the world needs it best part of these prostesters is they all DROVE there !!!!
Comment by Rory Brown on 19th May 2013
OK Trin7, or whoever you are. You can read into this what you want. I'm not going to try to explain it to you. On another note, stop being a coward and post your name. Its time The Daily stopped posting any comments without the persons full name.
Re: Rory
Comment by trin7 on 16th May 2013
No, you should take the time to read instead of taking a part of the sentence. Murray does not say or mean that he was speaking for all of BC.
Comment by Rory Brown on 15th May 2013
You need to read the story a little better. This is a copy and paste “The people of BC don’t want it,” said Minchin. So yes, he did say it, or Walter is mis-quoting, which I don't think he did.

Rory - you misunderstood!
Comment by trin7 on 14th May 2013
Murray didn't say he was speaking for all of British Columbia. He said there were many people across the North Coast of BC, all of BC actually, who do not want Enbridge. He didn't say that all of British Columbia didn't want the pipeline. Read it again and try to see what he meant. He's definitely speaking for me as I completely agree. Now for his not using oil - if we have a pipeline going to another country he may not have a say about using our resources. It's like our logs being sent to another country, giving Canadian jobs away, we'll see our bitumen sent away, processed and we will buy back products at a higher price. Guess that makes sense to you - not to me!!!
lies my premier told us
Comment by J.Cruijff on 13th May 2013
CC, just like the bad rye, keeps popping up spouting the same tired old BS, we are so used to for the last two years she was the premier.
She was there when they shoved the HST down our throat, when prior to the election they specifically told us that it was not in their plans.
Sold BC rail cheap to their pals and paid out 8 million dollars to the Basi/Virk lawyers to keep them quiet.
They raped ICBC, BC Hydro for money to bolster their budget.
They stuck us with 80 billion dollars of Run of the river power projects, power we do not need,
but at anywhere up to 100 dollars a megawatt. Watch the hydro rates go through the roof after the election.
If you think that we need more of the same by all means vote for them and don't blame me I voted NDP.
My Own Voice
Comment by Rory Brown on 13th May 2013
Murray Minchin, just who do you think you are making statements like "The people of BC don’t want it". I am one of those people, and I have NEVER told you that you can speak for me. If you are so opposed to the gas and oil, why don't you stop using it.