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REPORTING · 9th May 2013
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan began the regular meeting of Kitimat Council for Monday, May 6th with her traditional good news.

“The good news is Spring is here and the weather feels like summer,” said Monaghan. She thanked everyone for tuning into the meeting. “Our good news for today is Council has been very active in many events. I know some of you think we don’t do many meetings a month and that’s all we do. This Council is very, very active,” said Monaghan.

She started with a Chili Contest at the Seniors Centre. She thanked Councillor Mary Murphy and her husband for the winning Chili and the Council was presented with T-Shirts as a prize. The proceeds of the contest went to the Relay for Life.

Retiring from the District of Kitimat was Jo Young, a long-time employee who has left Kitimat for Fort McMurry where her family is now. Congratulations go out to her.

“The Health and Safety Fair was a huge success at Riverlodge and I’d like to thank all of those who organized this event,” said Monaghan. “The PTI Meeting at Mount Elizabeth Theatre brought in 125 people and I’ve heard some good reviews on that.”

She told how Kitimat was promoted as a port at Minerals North by Council, CAO and Economic Development Officer.

Monaghan spoke at the day of Mourning for the workers who have lost their lives in industrial accidents and diseases. She also spoke at the Sikh Celebration on Sunday. She expressed the Sikh Society were great supporters of Kitimat.

“NCGLA in Quesnel was attended by our CAO and Acting Mayor Rob Goffinet. He brought back with him a 60th anniversary plaque for Kitimat,” said Monaghan. “Council had a resolution which we took down to NCGLA and it was on the Meningitis and the resolution was that NCGLA urge the Provincial Ministry of Health to implement a Province Wide MCD4 Immunisation Program in all secondary schools by April 24, 2014 for World Meningitis Day.”

It passed with one person opposed.

Monaghan expressed there have been quite a few questions concerning the engineers which have been working near the Haisla Bridge. She said they are surveying Radley Park, not Haisla Bridge.

“There are many things that are peculating under the surface and they will be worth waiting for, but they won’t be announced until after the election,” said Monaghan. “We will be waiting with baited breath so get out and vote May 14th and that is our good news for the day.”
t shirts
Comment by mary murphy on 13th May 2013
Your bet!!, all for a very good cause
Comment by the "other" cook on 9th May 2013
Those tee shirts are ours next time!!!!