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NEWS RELEASE · 8th May 2013
BC Liberals
Connecting the Dots: Shipping Natural Gas from Kitimat Means a Debt-Free BC

Today, Premier Christy Clark visited families in Kitimat to connect the dots on how strong leadership for the natural gas industry will help BC create a Prosperity Fund to put us on the path to a Debt Free BC.

"This week, I am touring BC Connecting the dots to show how growing our resource economy supports every family in BC. Today we're where Liquified Natural Gas, one of BC's most important exports, will meet the world," said Premier Clark. "We're standing at the start of the path to a Debt-Free BC."

To secure this opportunity, Premier Christy Clark outlined three issues that are vital to securing the natural gas opportunity, where Today's BC Liberals say YES and the NDP say NO:

- Today's BC Liberals say YES to the construction of natural gas liquefaction facilities in Kitimat by helping secure investments. The NDP say NO because their new natural gas tax would scare away investments that are critical to building these facilities.

-Today's BC Liberals say YES to one rigorous process for environmental reviews. The NDP say NO, because they want to double red tape, which will lead to years of delay. They want to waste money on needless delays when they have already made up their mind before projects even apply for permits.

-Today's BC Liberals say YES to skills training opportunities for natural gas, by investing $75 million to ensure British Columbians are first in line for jobs in their community. The NDP say NO because their won't be any natural gas jobs in Kitimat to train those kids for.

Premier Clark delivered a message about the need for strong economic leadership - only Today's BC Liberals have a clear plan to control spending and grow the economy to put us on the path to a Debt - Free BC.

Backgrounder 1: Securing Liquified Natural Gas in the Northwest

The liquified Natural Gas (LNG) opportunity has moved forward because of decisive action by Premier Christy Clark and Today's BC Liberals. We are well on our way to achieving our plan to have three LNG facilities operating by 2020. Today's BC Liberals have identified three areas that must be addressed in the Northwest for the LNG opportunity to develop.

1. Attracting investment

Today's BC Liberals ensured investors are shown a disciplined, committed and results-orientated leadership path toward LNG success. Premier Christy Clark's trade missions to Asia showed investors and foreign governments that the government of British Columbia was prepared to lead LNG, not slow it down. These visits get results toward achieving BC's LNG goals.

Today their are nine proposals and $7 billion in play to create jobs in BC. Recently, the Japanese government announced $10 billion in support for LNG development in BC.

2. Accept Environmental Review Process

Today's BC Liberals accept the Joint Review Panel process for pipeline approval.

The NDP's intention to reject the Joint Review Panel process for the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan Pipelines means investment will go elsewhere causing a huge lost opportunity for Kitimat and Northwest BC. The NDP would add a second approval process which would mean asking the same questions a second time. This would do nothing more to protect the environment and it would send the wrong message to industry.

3. Investing in Skills Training

Today's BC Liberals are saying YES to skills training opportunities for natural gas by upgrading training facilities and equipment through a $75 million investment on top of the $500 million annually invested in skills training.

British Columbia's skills training system is the envy of the country. Every year the system is graduating more skilled workers ready to take their place in the economy. Last year, BC saw a record number of qualified trades-persons enter BC's labour market. There are currently more than 35,000 registered apprentices in the system (including youth) - an increase of 1,000 over last February, and more than double the number of apprentices registered when the industry Training Authority was created in 2004.

The NDP has presented a plan that will prevent investment opportunities in natural resources, stopping job creation.
I am worried
Comment by Jim on 10th May 2013
I also have been sitting on the fence trying to decide which way to vote. Kitimat is finally on its
way to prosperety with all the ongoing and proposed projects worth billions of dollars.
We are all enjoying our increased property values etc., and I am worried that a NDP will jeopardize all of this by making it less attractive for investors t
invest in kitimat as compared to the liberals. I beleive their stance on LNG , pipelines,fracking, tankers etc is all negative for Kitimat as compared to the liberals and thats whats worrying me. Kitimat and the province needs all these projects to move ahead for it to continue to grow and prosper or after Rio Tinto have finished their project we will be back to the way we were.
Thank you Christy and Today's BC Liberal you made up my mind
Comment by Voter on 9th May 2013
This was a great news release and I was sitting on the fence until I read it....

Our pristine waters and "Beautiful BC" will never be the same if these proposals go through so if the "new natural gas tax" is a deterrent then hats off to the NDP.

Furthermore with "more rigorous processES for environmental reviews" then these proposals could not be forced down the residents throats and the people will know exactly what the repercussions will be to our environment before considering giving them the green light. Thanks again NDP.

The BC Liberals sound like that the ravaging of our natural resources is the only way to create jobs. They don't even consider other avenues of creating jobs. "their won't be any natural gas jobs".

If the NDP will look at different proposals and creative entrepreneur license that don't involve the destruction of our water and environment then hat's off to them in that area too.

So thank you Christy Clark and Today's Liberals you have made up my mind and whomever wrote this news release for you did a great job in pointing out how the NDP is willing to go to the mat for our way of living up here in the North!
So much to lose
Comment by Aaron von Schleinitz on 9th May 2013
If the NDP win and put a ban on hydraulic fracking it will end Kitimats LNG future. All this new found promise and hope for the future will disappear and Kitimat will be back to 2008. With only one industry left in town and no hope for future growth. The work force will dwindle and Kitimat will truly become nothing more than Terrace's industrial park. We need to diversify to survive. Hydraulic fracking can be done safely. The gas can be piped and exported safely to Kitimat. This is too big of an opportunity to miss. Consider the next 30 years of Kitimat when you vote.
Comment by Dave McIntyre on 9th May 2013
I trust the people of Kitimat are smart enough to see through the false information Christy uses to cover the truth. My policies are shared but her out and out fallacies are just on the edge of slander. Everything she says of Dix is somehow distorted in her mind, must be the tight space it spins in. Do also keep in mind that B.C. is already to late to get into the shrinking L.N.G. market. Australia has dropped out due to China finding enough reserves to satisfy it's needs, and the Asian market is wanting lower prices than they currently pay on the world oil market today. Don't forget that the power needed for these plants will be paid by you and I...Forever. Just think how this resource will benefit our children in the future by leaving it in the ground until only we have it. By then a safer method may be available, fracking will be the end of drinkable ground water forever......... It is not proven safe, ask the people living near wells that can no longer drink their water. The N.D.P. is not against this, they just care more for the inviroment and the future.