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REPORTING · 25th April 2013
Walter McFarlane
The Kitimat Boxing Club held its Annual Aluminum Gloves Boxing Tournament on Saturday, April 20th in their ring at the old Club Dax. The fights were few but furious. One club came out to participate from out of town, The Quesnel Boxing Club.

The fight began with a demonstration from the boxers of how they prepare for their fights, sparing, working with the pads, body blocking, etc. These warm ups featured various boxers in the club including several who were not fighting in the tournament.

The first match up was Arius Woytowich in the red from the Kitimat Boxing Club taking on Clark O’Flynn from the Quesnel Boxing Club. While O’Flynn lost his Mouth guard twice in the bout, he was declared the winner.

Jordan Craven in red and Nathan Furtado in blue came out as an exhibition from Kitimat. This fight was fierce and got to the point where the boxers had to be reminded several times, it was only an exhibition.

The final bout of the night was the main event, a bout between Aaron Lee in the red corner and David Wilson in the blue, both from Kitimat. The boxers came out strong, Wilson drawing blood on Lee in the second round. Wilson won the bout, the Kitimat Championship Belt and all the prestige which comes with it.

Dispite only a handful of fights, the Boxing tournament managed to do what it set out to do. “Although our tournament was a small one, we accomplished what we set out to do. 1. train refs (Lando and Cody) and 2. get bouts and experience for Arius Woytowich, Jordan Craven, Nathan Furtado, David Wilson, and Aaron Lee,” said Bill Franklin, Head Coach of the Kitimat Boxing Club.

Past champions of the club, Cody Anderson and Landon Belmont received experience in the ring as referees under the guidance of Ian Gibson, Chief Official for Boxing BC.