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REPORTING · 8th April 2013
Walter McFarlane
After much discussion, Kitimat City Council is starting process to strengthen their animal control bylaws. The changes to the Bylaw was given 3 readings on Tuesday, April 2nd at their regular meeting of Council.

“I appreciate the effort that staff has put into this and hopefully in the future, will allow us to more practically deal with any… and hopefully, we won’t more problems with mail delivery on Ferrow. This is an attempt to tighten up our bylaw enforcement so we can do more things in a timely basis with the Post Office,” said Councillor Mario Feldhoff.

He pointed out a clause where the impoundment of a dangerous dog is $300. He wanted to know if this was the first impoundment, 5th impoundment or every impoundment. He stated they are instituting a sliding scale for non-dangerous dogs. He was told the cost for a dangerous dog would be in addition to the cost for regular impoundment. Staff would be determining whether or not a dog is dangerous, not just as a penalty but because they require more staff time.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan wanted to know if Maryanne Baumbach, who looks after animal control in Kitimat had input into the discussion. She was told yes. Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen told Monaghan that Baumbach and him were looking at other changes to the animal control bylaw which are on the books including a mandatory spay/neuter program.

Councillor Corinne Scott checked the prices: a $30 release fee for the first, the second impoundment was $60, the third for $75 to $100 and the fourth for $100-$300. It would cost $300 for a dangerous dog and an addition $300 if the dangerous dog is picked up.

“I think that’s all important for the residents to know, that it is going to get very expensive if their dogs are running at large,” said Scott.

She stated keeping excessive amounts of animals has also gone up from $50-$100. Waycheshen gave the numbers, a household in Kitimat can have: 4 dogs, 6 cats and no more than seven of any combination of cats and dogs.

The motion was called and carried, the new bylaw was read three times.
Dumb...just completely dumb....
Comment by Larry Walker on 14th April 2013 got dogs partially covered...but what about CATS. Big question is WHO IS GOING TO ENFORCE THIS BYLAW...the RCMP? The Assistant CEO? The Dog Pound? Are you going to write another bylaw on DOG POOP? Don't even go there regarding mandatory neutering of MY PETS.

Come on...You can do better than this""""""