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NEWS RELEASE · 4th April 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council began on Tuesday, April 2nd and began with Mayor Joanne Monaghan’s Good News. The first thing she did was welcome the new CFTK reporter, Alyson Bench to the meeting. Monaghan expressed she had a lot of good news.

“The port announcement caught all of us off guard as Kitimat was always a private port and we were put into a public port situation without any consultation and no advance notice. We will have more on that in the weeks to come and we have notified by Ottawa after we whined and cried a bit that they will be coming to see us in the future and they will tell us exactly what they expect from us and we expect from them now that we’re going to be a public port,” said Monaghan.

She thanked MLA Robin Austin and MP Nathan Cullen for contacting the District about this issue.

Monaghan explained how the Attorney General, Shirley Bond visited the Fire Hall last week to speak to the children about smoke alarms. She hoped the children would go home and tested their alarms. She thanked the businesses in town for their donations to the smoke alarm campaign last summer.

She moved on to a conference call she had with Mike Farnsworth concerning a trauma centre for Kitimat. He told her they would like to start focusing on that shortly.

Council met with Diana Penner from United way and several of the social service organizations around town. They looked at ideas to make the community better for people coming into Kitimat who cannot find jobs and need help in their lives.

Monaghan chaired the UNBC advisory committee meeting and was reinstated into the position of chair. She is meeting with Philip Burton to see if they could establish a UNBC presence in Kitimat.

Several Councillors were present at the Northwest Regional Airport Celebration on their anniversary. The Airport hopes to have 8 flights a day to Vancouver and one flight to Kelowna via Prince George.

“Warehouse one is now open in the mall so do go and visit it, it’s a very nice addition and we wish them all the best,” said Monaghan. “I understand that from Mr. Minni, the Mall Owner, an Insurance Company will be opening in the mall in august. He also told me today that the forty two room hotel that will be going up in the mall is now called Hotel M and its completion date is scheduled for early 2015.”

Monaghan mentioned the 60th anniversary had activities for all and spectacular fireworks ending the day. She thanked Martin Gould and his team for a very successful day.

Her final news for the night concerned the Kitimat LNG Shell Project which went public that same day.
Comment by watching on 4th April 2013
You are correct in that we do not have jobs unless you have a trade or union ticket. We as council have written a letter to indicate that and Denise O'Neil will be sending that to all of her groups in B.C. Many of whom were sending us individuals for work. We hope it sends the message that although we have jobs they are specific.
Comment by Ozzie on 4th April 2013
What an exciting time for Kitimat, growth was projected to be 50,000 or more back in the early days but fizzled out. We saw Eurocan come and go and what a blow to the economy that was. Time to show some enthusiasm so quit your whining. Welcome or no welcome" Momma, I'm coming home".
people coming to Kitimat
Comment by MS on 4th April 2013
I'm a little put off with the talks on how to make it better for people coming here and can't find work. In my line of work I've met more than a few people who say they came to Kitimat because they heard it was full of work and anybody could get a job. This is not true, any average joe cannot come here and get a $20/hour job. The companies here are hiring qualified people with experience. Council needs to stop telling people "we are a boomtown move here and have a better life" yes things are booming but that does not mean people should just show up with their last $20 expecting to work within a week. As for "making the community better for people coming to Kitimat who can't find jobs and need help in their lives" What the heck is that? There are people here who have been here for years, way before Kitimat was a boomtown who cannot find work and can no longer afford a place to live because rent has since sky rocketed. Ms. Monaghan needs to get her head out of her butt and realize that if she wants to put effort into helping people find jobs and have a better quality life it should be the locals before some random person who just showed up because she misled them with promises of opportunity!