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REPORTING · 26th March 2013
Walter McFarlane
Two Citizens with Concerns have approached Council about the camp issues. Barb Campbell and Luella Froess wrote a letter to Council which was on the agenda for the March 18th meeting. Froess was present so she presented the letter to Council. The letter concerned the topics of camps.

“On behalf of Barb Campbell and myself, we would like to encourage Mayor and Council to set up a Town Hall meeting, preferably, with as many representatives from various groups hoping to set up shop in Kitimat in the near and distant future. This would allow the citizens of Kitimat to meet with and question these individuals on their proposals for our community,” said Froess.

She pointed out camps are for temporary workers and the two of them are concerned about having them within city boarders. She wondered if there was adequate space on the boarders of the town or is Council worried the PTI relocate to the Airport site in Terrace.

The second point dealt with what the camps would do when vacated and used for low cost housing. She pointed out there are many derelict buildings in town. They could be rebuilt into apartments or condos.

She pointed out while Council might not be able to discuss these issues due to confidentiality, once the camps have signed on the dotted line, they could inform the community.

Froess wanted to know if Kitimat would still be promoted as a retirement community and asked Council to consider affordable housing and health care. She stated there are not enough doctors, nurses and Health care specialists to go around.

As for camps in the neighbourhoods, she stated there are concerns that camps bring in crime, drugs, prostitution, social issues, increased traffic and public safety. There is only one bridge to Service Centre and the industrial site.

She wanted to see vacancies filled but some construction workers should be able to bring their families to Kitimat. She wanted young families to relocate to Kitimat as the town is a great place to raise families.

“Let’s create the best policy for our community and have no regrets later. Let’s not rush into things we will have difficulty changing down the road. Let us ensure we make the best decision for Kitimat now and for the future,” concluded Froess.

She thanked Council for consideration and the work they do for the community.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan expressed she had already met with Luella over the telephone so she would not have to address the questions now.

Councillor Mary Murphy thanked Froess, telling her they were all concerns which Council was dealing with on a day to day basis. There were no further questions.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Phil was supposed to put a motion on the floor regarding a public town hall meeting on camps. However, he withdrew his motion because his older motion, which he had had not been changed. Later in the meeting, the letter on camps was received and filed.

Councillor Rob Goffinet hoped the letters which they received would go into a town hall meeting which would be held later.
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Comment by Ben Gardner on 27th March 2013
Seeing as neither prostitution nor escort services are illegal in canada what would the police be investigating?