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REPORTING · 23rd March 2013
Walter McFarlane
The mail delivery issue on Farrow is still going. At Kitimat Council on Monday, March 18th, a letter in the Council Package from Canada Post was brought forward under new business.

“The issue involving the Farrow Street dog is one Canada Post has been facing since June of 2011. Since that time, this dog has been at large in the community on many occasions, has chased and growled at and otherwise menaced our employees and has been picked up by the Humane Society numerous times, in spite of written assurances from the resident that the dog would be restrained. This challenging and unfortunate history led to the decision to suspend delivery to the street, a decision Canada Post does not take lightly,” wrote Robert Sawks, Director of Operations for Canada Post.

Sawks stated they need to come to an agreement and increased fines and changes to the animal control bylaws were a step in the right direction. He also stated there were times when the dog would disappear from the street for months at a time, then reappear, running at large again. He hoped to arrange a meeting between Administration, Canada Post and the Humane Society to resolve the matter.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff brought the letter forward. He hoped that there would be some resolutions coming forward.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to know if the Council was contacted. Deputy CAO Warren Waycheshen stated he met with the representatives last week.

“They are taking it very serious, they sent four people and they really want to get mail back delivered to Farrow. They do have the health and welfare of their employees to think about and we’re doing everything we can to try and get around that, as long as we can satisfy their requirements, we’re doing what we can to try and get it back,” said Waycheshen.

Feldhoff clarified this is still actively being worked on. It was. Mayor Joanne Monaghan asked for a motion to receive. Feldhoff made it and it was called and carried.
Put it down
Comment by Twisted sister on 1st April 2013
Does this dog have to hurt some one before the law shows some teeth? Put the damn thing down.