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REPORTING · 18th March 2013
Walter McFarlane
There is an election coming up. On Monday, March 11th, Kitimat City Council saw a presentation from Carol Leclerc, the Skeena Riding Liberal Candidate.

“I wanted to come in a formal capacity, I want to tell you a bit about who I am and why I put my name forward to run for the BC Liberals,” said Leclerc.

She told Council she was born in Terrace, her husband was born in Terrace and her three kids were born in Terrace. She has been at the School District level since 1990, she served three terms on City Council, a term as a member of the Regional District and three terms as an alternate to the Regional District. She has been on the Northwest Regional Hospital Board.

“I have a good understanding of local government, I know what your issues are. I have a good sense of community, I have volunteered over the years in Terrace,” said Leclerc.

She explained she worked as a volunteer coach. She has with the theatre, helped organize the 75th birthday of Terrace as well as the 2010 BC Winter Games.

“I know the issues that come up with Council and that sense of Community,” said Leclerc.

She expressed economic growth was important to her. The Terrace pulp mills went down in 1997 and they were desperate for work. She reminded Council that Methanex and Eurocan went down as well.

“So we’ve watched the ups and downs of the economic world here in the Northwest,” said Leclerc.

She told Council how she was at an LNG conference a couple of weeks ago. “I have to tell you, with all of these international people: ‘Kitimat, Kitimat, Kitimat.’ Prince Rupert and Kitimat, That’s all that they talk about. They talk about the Haisla, the need to understand rights and title need to be understood there. The power in the room is, we want this LNG stuff to go ahead. I’d like to see this LNG stuff go ahead because it’s really important to have a diversified economy and with that growth comes all the social issues,” said Leclerc.

Issues like the hospitals, education and infrastructure.

“I think it is important that we have leadership that works with the change. We want to manage the change, we don’t want the change to manage us,” concluded Leclerc.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know where she stood with the Oil Refinery Proposal. Leclerc replied she had put some thought into it. It was a proposal at the moment and they would be foolish not to consider it. They need all the information on what is at stake. She also stated it would be a good opportunity for Kitimat but it needed to be the right fit for the town and the right fit, environmentally for the Northwest.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked when Election Day is. Leclerc told him it was May 14th with the advance polls 5 days earlier. There were no further questions.