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COMMENTARY · 10th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
Most of us are decent caring people. Some of us are crooked through and through. What the decent among us desire is to discover and expose the crooked living among us; rout them out in a manner of speaking.

The recent evidence surrounding the highest levels of the BC Government suggest this would be the best place to begin looking. The scandals are serious; they reveal a depth of corruption so severe there is likely not one high level of the Provincial legislative body the citizenry can trust. This became obvious with the Victoria City Police and the RCMP raiding the legislature and the subsequent manipulation of the courts, judges and trial process, but now too with the revelation of the depth of involvement of the current Premier, her ministers, and the various Liberal associations.

As we consider what to do we must also look at all those who have been appointed by this almost two decade long regime of corruption and crooks. From the selection of MLA’s the Regional and Municipal administrations and the entire political support system for them including every Liberal Constituency Association.

The Skeena Association was outed in 2005 for participating in the corruption when the association president Lael McKeown was forced to resign. Roger Harris was the Liberal candidate at the time. After the Tyee made this public other news agencies picked up on the story and revealed other Constituency Associations performing the same scheme. The Terrace business association continues the games to support the Liberal corruption and insists on remaining secretive.

Various Reserve band Indian Chiefs and Treaty Society Executives have been exposed for being involved in scandals with the Premier, Ministers and Ministries with Haisla Steve Wilson being the most intriguing as it involved BC Hydro power sales and Alcan.

Today Pat Bell is involved in a scandal where he and Minister Bond directed Janine North how to use and direct funds from Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDI). It should raise everyones eyebrows when they discover Ms. North and NDI has been training and selecting people for local municipal administrative positions.

This scandal has such depth, going all the way back to the involvement of Christy Clark, her husband Mark and brother Bruce and to Kim Haakstad, Clarks personal assistant from the BC Rail scandal right to the present time when she was forced to resign with the latest ethnic vote manipulation scandal.

From my own personal experience the depth of corruption extended back to the Socred Days of Bill Vander Zalm and the backroom boys of the Socred Party.

Even their own insiders call them crooks.

So what do we as British Columbians do?

Many will claim, and rightly so, the NDP is just as corrupt with their backroom shenanigans, though the legislature was not raided during their time in office and they did not sell off all the Public resources to their private corporate friends.

Can we as a people sue someone, somewhere, somehow to recover all the sold off assets that rightfully belong to the citizens of BC? BC Hydro, BC Rail, BC Ferries management, Health record management, the Rivers and power sales contracts and so many more facilities that made the backbone of BC?

And if the courts are so corrupted, as was proven during the BC Rail crime, can we even trust the Courts for anything?

Is this why people do not get involved anymore? Because they see the system is so rife with corruption it is better just to close the curtains, drink, toke and watch TV?

Maybe, but damn it, my grandchildren and their children, the unborn will expect their grandparents to have done something, to at least have tried.

I refuse to be a coward and I hope you refuse too. We must hold every Liberal Party member to account for the corruption. Only their continued support of this corruption, their complicity has allowed it to continue.

How do we crush their ability to keep destroying our lives and the future of our children?

If anyone requires a refresher course, click here
Comment by crazy eh... on 18th March 2013
The "truth" has to be a non-biased media. Currently only a small group of online bloggers is doing the work of getting out the "truth" to the public. We need to know what's going on.

Secondly, Quebec's anti-corruption commission, or some similar model, needs to be created within the province. As we have seen in the past, political parties of all types, cannot "police" themselves, and once in government, "descend" into the free for all, that we have seen, time after time.

Without a method of independent oversight, with the ability to subpeona, and to invoke some sort of adequate consequence, legal or political, the same mess we have will continue.

Currently, a full forensic audit of all government departments, should be demanded given, the current level of"malfeasance" that has taken place. Legal consequences for any form of corruption in governance, are few and far below the level of what would be deemed an adequate deterrent.

In order to stop this trend towards negative, kleptocratic governance, the system will need a new set of checks and balances, and an independent nonpartisan oversight body, to hold political parties and governments to account.
Criminal BC
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-SooS on 10th March 2013
Just to make issue FAIR AND BALLANCED Writer forgot NDP BINGO GATE! Chips from AlASKA for Rupert Mill etc..
corruption in government
Comment by Johan Cruyff on 10th March 2013
It is my opinion that the Mainstream Media is in a incestuous relationship with the governing party in BC, they do not do any investigating and just report what the government tells them, lies and all.
Good news is that bloggers like Bob Mackin and Alex G. Tsakumis do the work that needs to be done by holding the Liberals accountable.
I suggest that Kitimat daily Online carries the articles by these people, it would be a start getting the information out in a timely fashion.