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REPORTING · 7th March 2013
Walter McFarlane
A report came before Council on Monday, March 4th regarding the Kitimat LNG Camp. During the public presentation period of the meeting, Ron Link from Kitimat LNG Project got up to present to Council.

“My hope is to obtain approval to build a camp site at the former West Fraser Pulp and Paper Mill. I’m seeking approval of Council to get a building permit in tonight. This Camp will support the construction of the LNG Terminal. It will be done in phases and the initial phases are for a 155 man camp going to a 300 man camp and then into a 600 man camp,” said Link.

He asked Council if they had any questions. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know what the full development would look like. He was told the current focus was a 600 man camp. The final development would be a 2800 man camp.

The first phase of the camp had already been approved once, on December 19th, 2011. Read about that by clicking here.

Feldhoff stated this camp was already approved in the Official Community Plan from a zoning perspective. He was told it was zoned to have a construction camp. Feldhoff asked if they would be dismantling the former mill site.

“No sir, actually, part of my focus is the dismantling of the facility to accommodate some of this camp, all of the camp. The site, I call it the North and the South part of the site. The North part, our objective right now is to dismantle all of the pipes and some of the facilities that are there to accommodate the camp and the parking and the bussing. We are doing that right now,” said Link.

Feldhoff was told they have thought about dismantling the site. At the moment, it is a contaminated site and Kitimat LNG has a company which has been sampling the site. “It is our intention to clean it up and get it all done,” said Link.

Councillor Rob Goffinet asked if they will be going up to 2800 beds, will the camp be going onto the foot print of the Eurocan Industrial area. Link replied it would go on the North side of where the chip piles are.

Goffinet clarified they would hold up to 2800 workers. He was told Camp 1 would be 600, Camp 2 would be the remainder. There were no further questions.

Councillor Phil Germuth made a motion to approve the temporary building permit for construction of phases 1a and 1b and phase 2 of Camp One on the condition that all information and back up information for buildings, timelines and utilities meet approval.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know more about what this motion meant. He was told by Administration the Camp will be constructed as a temporary camp with no permanent foundation so it was much more complicated. He was told because it was temporary, if it was to be in place beyond its duration, it would have to come back to Council again.

Councillor Rob Goffinet wanted to make sure the Kitimat LNG Project was referenced in the motion. The motion was called and carried.