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REPORTING · 7th March 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat City Council was underway on Monday March 4th. The first presentation came from Harley Bell concerning the Dave Saunders Memorial Hill Climb.

“Once again, I’m here requesting the use of the hill again and the Riverlodge Complex. Last year, was a really good year for us, we held a dance which sold out within probably 3 weeks of having three hundred people. All the racers really enjoyed it,” said Bell.

He explained they had a place to stay, something to do and then could travel home the day after the races rather than rush home. He commented there will be new pavement on the hill for after the races.

Bell told Council there will be only three races in Terrace this year which will bring more racers to Kitimat and the race organizers across the Northwest have joined forces for 2014 to bring out more racers by creating a point season.

This year’s band for the dance will be the River Valley Rats with the Kinsmen doing the bar. The races will be held on the 29th and 30th of June. They will be working with Festivals Kitimat to make a July 1st weekend similar to Terrace’s Riverboat Days.

Councillor Edwin Empinado wanted to know where the participants would be staying. Bell told him they brought their own campers and would be staying down at Radley Park. Bell is encouraging them to book their stay now because the Hotels are full.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan stated she enjoyed the races.

The motion for $1900 sponsorship was moved by Councillor Mary Murphy. Councillor Rob Goffinet asked how they supported it in the past. He was told by Administration it was supported for less money, but the sponsorship program was revised so the amount was increased. Councillor Mario Feldhoff told Council they used to sponsor for $1500. The motion was called and carried.
Unless new pavement is in don't be surprised if it stays 400
Comment by Pierre on 13th March 2013
The only way I'll race 600 ft is if they pave the hill. Me and alot of other racers with high horsepower are not going to risk there lives and cars just so people can have a better time, it is all about the fans but it comes to a point where we have to draw the line. At 600 ft I'm at around 100mph so things can get bad quickly. I hope they do have it paved before the race so that we can put on a better show but if it doesn't we'll have to deal with 400 ft. Unfortunately
why its short
Comment by harley bell on 11th March 2013
due to the ruts in the payment and roughness we went with 400 ft instead of the 660 ft 1/8mile race as a safety thing but with the hill getting repaved this year we hope to go back to the 600 ft this year we may open up the burn out pit a lil more to let people get alil closer to the action and make more room for the spectators thank you for the feed back as the more we get the more we can improve the race we are happy to have the support from the District of Kitimat as well as the many many sponsors that help us out! Without you the fans and them this wouldn't happen thank you again for the support !
Hill climb
Comment by Vern on 7th March 2013
Great to see this happening, draws people into town and is fun for everyone. Please consider a increase in the distance of the run as people watching are packed in too small an area and the cars can barely get out of the first few gears not having enough room for a proper run.