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COMMENTARY · 6th March 2013
Merv Ritchie
Today’s media fanfare regarding the extreme right wing media owner, David Black, demonstrates the failure of the education system. Journalists and commentators write about this clear ridiculous concept in terms insinuating it is reasonable. Any person possessing even a minimal education of reason and logic with critical thinking skills would immediately recognize the idiocy of the concept.

The first consideration of any business venture is to determine a market for the product one wants to sell and the cost of the materials to produce the product. None of this is even discussed in Black’s Black (unclean) proposal. What idiotic financier would pay enormous extra expenses to build infrastructure to transport the raw bitumen to BC for processing when these costs could be saved by building the refinery in Alberta, right next to the source of the product?

And then where would Mr Idiot sell his product?

Well, let’s start with China. Why would China pay more for a refined product when they just finished building 10 new refineries to refine the raw Alberta Bitumen. It doesn’t stop there. China’s Dalian arm of the COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Corp.) just finished building 15 new double hulled VLCC (Very Large Crude Carriers) to ship the raw product to China from Canada. If the desired sale for this new source is to America, why would anyone first ship it to Kitimat for refining?

Details and links here

No, this is a joint idiocy proposal by the extreme right wing corporate crowd of the Terrace Kitimat consortium of Socred/Liberal/Conservative supporters who all fall under the banner of KTIDS (Kitimat-Terrace Industrial Development Society).

All these business and political elite from BC’s Northwest have been supporting the monopoly publication ownership position of David Blacks, Black Press. There is no newspaper published west of Prince George owned by any other media. If the media is the message, then the message everyone gets is the narrow minded, unintelligent perspective of David Blacks publications.

According to the legal owners of the territory the proposed pipelines are to cross, there will be no pipelines allowed. Not one.

The proposed natural gas pipelines are primarily stock market speculation plays, where individuals profit by the rise and fall of stock values. Those who pay attention understand the world now has an excess of natural gas and the price has plummeted making the sales of the product from Canada less likely. In fact today there is no financial model which will support the cost of constructing a pipeline and the associated power generation facilities to compress the gas to a liquid to meet any cost effective market demand. It is all hype for stock market manipulators.

Everything being proposed is to encourage the construction of pipelines only. Nothing else should be thought about. All these news releases, media manipulation tactics are to promote the construction of pipelines to the west coast of BC.

These will then be used/converted for one purpose only. To ship the raw Bitumen to China via their new VLCC’s to their new refineries.

Everything else, all other schemes and diversions are just that, diversions.

The continuing promotion of idiotic news to the uneducated public proves one thing only.

The information age has failed us just as the general population has been failed by the Canadian education system to produce a population with critical thinking skills.

Criminality foundation of BC
An Albertains prospective. Kittimat you have us by the NADS
Comment by JP on 12th March 2013
Alberta needs to export oil... A few years back the AB government looked at putting in a refinery to upgrade oil the same thing it does with natural gas at the border (straddle plants). The panel was made up mostly of persons who were tied to large oil companies. The same companies that have large refining capacity underutilized in southern states and no surprise a large diameter pipeline south was the best option (to refine and ship from California, Gulf of Mexico). So states now feel they have Canada’s resource and up go shipping cost to significantly (down goes AB royalty’s). So Canadian pipeline company pulls check valves at Ontario and for the first time Alberta oil is moving to east coast to be refined into products that meet customer’s needs (tankers are leaving full not empty). Large amounts of natural gas are needed to produce condensates used to upgrade oil which BC has. The BC provincial government knows that Alberta oil can’t go west without BC. It is just how hard you can twist before it goes to California. Hats off to your premier, she has made Alberta sweat $$$ for her economy.
25 billion dollars
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th March 2013
The total cost estimated at 25 Billion,this includes pipelines ,refinery and ships . Mr. Black talks about modules to keep costs down.

Where will these modules be built? Another country of course, the pipe would come from another country also. Labor from another country also. Canadians would benefit from job creation but to sit here and read 25 billion dollar investment ..... sounds wonderful but out of that 25 billion canadian citizens would probably benefit the least.

None of this is ever going to fly or even deserve to fly.
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-SooS on 10th March 2013
I think Carbon Tax Should be imposed on all These Long Winded Speciments from both sides of the Spectrum. Proceeds may just help our Social Programs!
Comment by Rory Brown on 10th March 2013
I think you need a pink shirt Merv. Comments like "And then where would Mr Idiot sell his product?" sound a lot like bulling according to your own statements. You can't have it both ways.

There is nothing quick about this conclusion
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 8th March 2013
I have personally been writing about this and the associated issues since early 2006. I have attended virtually every Council and Regional District meeting and all the presentations, pro and con. I know of no single individual who has attended more of these various gatherings, I know, because I did attend and saw few familiar faces at the various events/meetings/presentations.

I even delivered two presentations to the JRP, the first in August 2010.

First, the man has no market and China has a veto on any new refinery construction for the product from the oil/tar/bitumen sands.

Enbridge is not building the pipeline for anyone but China. If Davy wants a supply for his refinery he will have to source it and then order the construction of his own pipeline.

And further, he wants to build in next to Lakelse Lake and the Onion Lake Ski trails. Are all citizens so blind they cannot see through this ridiculous concept?

A real forward thinking plan would be a complete redesign of how we ship oil today.

And as for benefiting Canada's economy?
Quick to jump to conclusions
Comment by Ferd on 7th March 2013
Your rampage sounds like some nutbar from the far left. If you are going to disparage legitimate business interests, do it from the perspective of a knowledgable person rather than a personal tirade against someone that is willing to create jobs that my family needs and encourages to come to Kitimat. The man said that he has the financing in place and long term interest in the products produced. At least Mr Black is putting in a concerted effort in bringing some sanity to the idea of an otherwise inane oil pipeline. I for one appreciate jobs that are well planned, have a high degree of environmental scrutiny and bring certainty of a pay cheque. This Refinery Project has a long ways to go to meet this criteria but at least there is a commitment to do that. Until the environmental review is completed and the First Nations have been consulted it isn't going anywhere.
This article is a real "eye opener"
Comment by Larry Walker on 7th March 2013
Having just read this and the attached article under Criminality Foundation of BC....I can only say that anyone who is really interested in democracy in this province should take the time and carefully read both articles. It may or may not be the whole truth but it does open ones eyes.
Long agenda
Comment by Tom on 6th March 2013
If the refinery was about tar from Alberta the refinery would be built in Edmonton where the pipelines are in place to accept it . And existing refineries . This smells more like the thin edge of the off shore oil exploitation . Anyone willing to put down the multibillions to build this pollution factory is thinking fifty or more years ahead . We should too.