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REPORTING · 2nd March 2013
Walter McFarlane
Kitimat Council has been bombarded by letters regarding the Escort Service. On Monday, February 25th, Council made a motion to have a public meeting regarding the controversial service set for March 14th at Riverlodge.

A majority of the concerns about the service are the same: pride in Kitimat, Keeping Kitimat a safe place to raise a family, issues of morality, criminal behavior, protection of people who are vulnerable. 27 of the 36 letters were form letters, which were simply signed at the bottom.

Councillor Phil Germuth made a motion for Council to direct staff to call a meeting at Riverlodge on March 14th. Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted to know if the RCMP will be a part of that meeting because they provided information to Council at the Meeting of the 18th. He was told they would have the RCMP there.

We have received some letters from Concerned Citizens. We would like really to ask the public to come to that meeting to air out their concerns, said Edwin Empinado.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan said there were a number of letters there. Feldhoff said they wanted the public to give input on the bylaw which they will have to pass for the licensing.

It doesnt give us a lot of room, said Monaghan.

I think its important that when we get these letters that each and every letter we get from concerned citizens whether its this issue or other issues is responded to so the picture is made clear to them, said Councillor Mary Murphy.

Monahan stated they should invite those members of the public to the public hearing before she suggested an amendment.

I would really like a listing of the letters so if people ask me, who have you gotten letters from, it takes me a long time to go through all the letters. If I have a piece of paper with all of them on, I could give it to them, said Monaghan.

Empinado noticed the letters expressed four major concerns, the leading one being morality, then criminality, health and safety.

Council was told none of the information which has been given them is privileged. It was suggested to have a public meeting which was not structured, to have staff there and Council can attend if they so choose. The concerns will be summarized and Council will have it to use to determine their bylaw.

I know that Cheryl Rumley wants to come and speak to Council and were going to be asking her to do that. Shes has quite an interesting presentation. Shes been talking to the Black Orchid in Prince George whos going to be running this and if you go online and look at Black Orchid, its a very interesting organization, said Monaghan.

The motion was called and carried.

In the meantime, the District of Kitimat is preparing for their community meeting, for March 14th in the Riverlodge Community room at 7:00 Pm.

They wrote: The District has received inquiries regarding the start up of an Escort Agency in Kitimat. This is an opportunity for the public to hear some background on this issue and ask questions, and to provide comments or suggestions. If you would like to pre-register to speak, please contact us. We will be observing time limits of five minutes per speaker. After everyone has spoken once, a second five-minute opportunity will be provided.

The contacts provided are Lyle McNish at lmcnish,,, or phone: 250-632-8911, and Warren Waycheshen at wwaycheshen,,, or phone: 250-632-8915.
i agree town hall meeting on camps
Comment by susan jiang on 2nd March 2013
Compared with Escort and others,camp is most importmant issue which should bring into every family in kitimat,if council make it go, everything is too later,no one can do anything more after it, i do hope people from kitimat, to go town hall meeting ,tell what you think, agree or against...
Camps and Escort Services
Comment by estannus on 2nd March 2013
The town should hold a town hall meeting on camps/lodges before they hold a discussion on escort services. The big issue is how/where to house temporary workers and the secondary issue is escort services.