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REPORTING · 27th February 2013
Walter McFarlane
Locally published author, Kathleen Cherry, Launched her children’s novel, Blowing Bubbles at the Kitimat Public Library on Saturday, February 23rd. The book was read before a crowd of parents, teachers and children. Blowing Bubbles was published by Aaspiration Publishing. Cherry was assisted in her reading by her daughter, Rosie Reschke.

“The story is about a boy and his grandfather and they have an awesome relationship but it’s mainly based on going and doing things, go carts and going on roller coasters. It’s kind of an activity based relationship which is typical of guys, and then grandpa has a stroke and to Josh, it’s like he’s a sort of a different grandpa George, it’s not him anymore,” said Cherry.

In Blowing Bubbles the grandfather blows bubbles out of bubble gum when he is happy. Cherry explained bubble gum not only appeals to kids, it also connects the young and the old. In the story, it also serves as a method of communication with the grandson after the grandfather has the stroke.

The inspiration for the story comes from Cherry’s experience with her parent’s getting older, her relationship with her own kids but also the books she looks at in her job as a School Councillor.

The story has been a finalist in the Writers Union of Canada Competition. It finalized several times before getting picked up and Cherry has stories which have finalized 5 times in the competition. . Finalists might get picked up by publicists and this year, Blowing Bubbles was picked up.

The book is illustrated by Jill Quinn Babcock, from Nova Scotia. “I think she did an awesome job, I really like the illustrations,” said Cherry.

Cherry has two other manuscripts which are ready to go, they just need some polishing. She is also working on two chapter books