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P.S.A.'S · 28th February 2013
Kitimat Daily News
UPDATE The Terrace Daily has been completely re-worked. The entire program was reassembled from the core template with each file segment check and re-installed.

A new server has been employed to remove the potential for the infection to carry on.

You may notice some changes as the original styles were modified to our desires. These may or may not be rearranged to what we previously changed them to.

Please, once again, if you discover any issues, let us know as soon as you see them.

We also have a secondary virus and hacker protection system installed to provide even more security.

During this work it was discovered the primary source of this attack was from China.

Small wonder as our service allows the most coverage of the issues and concerns regarding the resource activities related to China from western Canada.

Enbridge is just one issue which might attract the attention of their communist government.

Welcome back and we'll see what they try next.


As of 4:40pm February 26, 2013, the internet traffic designed to go to the Terrace Daily website has been redirected to the Kitimat Daily.

Although this may not please some, we needed to enact this measure due to a serious attack on the Terrace Daily web server.

For a year the Terrace Daily has endured a variety of attacks from hackers. We have changed the server twice and implemented security provisions to no avail.

While we work to corrrect this problem and change our server once again, we hope the Terrace Daily readers will enjoy the exceptional news and community service provided by the Kitimat Daily.

We trust this redirect will only last a day or two.

How dep the problem
Comment by Dave B on 27th February 2013
As I post comments on the site my email address is there on the servers - lately I have been inundated with junk email up to 40 or 50 a day.
It'll be a big mess to have to change my email address.
is this a result of the hacking??
Old Saying ...
Comment by Dale Manson on 27th February 2013
Old Japanese saying ... "The nail that stands up ... will be hammered down." Seems to be what's going on around here.
Thank you Philip
Comment by Terry on 26th February 2013
You are a man of the people . You have my utmost respect . I wish the best for you and yours .
Who stands to gain by our loss ?
Comment by Terry on 26th February 2013
Black press . Is the Smithersdaily and rupertdaily going to be under attack ? They must long for the days when they could mould public opinion with the substandard and the inferior news . Those days are over . Where is anonymous . We need you badly .
Welcome to Kitimat
Comment by Philip Germuth on 26th February 2013
Hope you enjoy it. Kitimat Daily does a great job. Thanks Walter and Merv
Why just Terrace?
Comment by A reader of both sites.... on 26th February 2013
I have to question why it is just Terrace Daily getting attacked? both sites (though I might not always agree with the opinion) show a more left wing perspective of the news in both of their respective communities. Now we ask ourselves why is it just the Terrace Daily getting these attacks? Well we can look at the content of these sites yes the Terrace daily posts more stories it is a bigger community after all. However, a lot of these stories are not related to Terrace in general and cover a broader spectrum of national and international news some of it being more controversial. Not that I am saying anything thing is wrong with these stories, though I might not share the same opinion as the writer I still respect a different perspective of the going ons of these news stories. Okay to get back on track the Terrace Daily has more of these stories not pertaining to Terrace and is my personal reasoning behind why it keeps getting attacked (but I have been wrong before so bear with me). Would it be a bad idea to create a different news site of possibly section off the stories that are not just pertaining to Terrace? Personally hackers aside I think it would make the site more manageable and easier to filter through. And yes I know I have already talked to someone who is close to the site about this and he disagrees with me. I wish the Terrace Daily all the best in the future and I hope it comes back online soon.

All the best.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 26th February 2013
Uh oh. Do you think the readers of The Kitimat Daily can put up with us contankerous, opinionated perusers of The Terrace Daily for long? Greetings from the nation of Terrace. (Heh, heh).

I hope everything turns out okay on that server, because you know we will miss you. I tried to forward a comment to The Terrace Daily about an hour ago, and the page just froze, telling me to "wait until the page changes."