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COMMENTARY · 26th February 2013
Merv Ritchie
From the beginning to the end, in 12 short paragraphs, the eventual end of life on this planet is explained in detail.

We begin with the illusion of democracy

Elected representatives, MP's Senators, MLA's, Councillors, Mayors, Directors and all others must publically display their vote on every issue. Secret ballots for the commoner who select these representatives only provides the illusion of democracy. At all assemblies where our elected representatives vote openly, the administrative and corporate interests watch and record. The elected representatives who do not vote as they are told or are expected to vote suffer consequences slight and significant. Our secret ballot on election day is a sham and a fraud if the guy or gal we trust and elect to act responsibly on our behalf has to do as they are told. It remains a dictatorial government. Drop the illusion.

The way the elected representatives act

After five years of attending various Councils, Regional District and School Board meetings we have observed most elected representatives do not even review the agenda prior to the meetings, they scan the material as they are about to vote. Those who have reviewed the material in advance and ask relevant, important questions; those who speak out against a recommendation by the administration (who prepared the agenda) are challenged significantly by their fellow elected members. (Their political careers - short lived.) Most have not researched the material but rather simply desire to demonstrate their unquestioning support for their respective administration. Many use phrases such as "We need to trust our staff", or "We cannot micro manage our administration". Therefore in almost all cases it is the administrators of our communities who rule, not those we elect.

What drives the way administrations act

The administrators must manage the finances of our communities, however the most significant matter is the interest rate charged to the senior levels of government; the Provinces and the Federal Government. Credit rating agencies arbitrarily determine a rating generally referred to as 'Triple A' (AAA) or 'Double A Plus' (AA+) etc. If the rate is dropped from triple A the interest rate goes up. If the interest rate goes up the cost of providing services also goes up. In this case the ruling political party cannot provide all the benefits and services the 'commoners' need to be comfortable and happy. If the ruling politicians cannot provide perceived benefits to the common population, they will be tossed in the next election. The administration staff will however remain to manage the next set of elected representatives.

The foundational control of the administrations

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) along with the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) work with the credit agencies and the large private banks representing national interests to set the interest rates and the money supply to the administrations of the elected governments. To ensure they get a good interest rate and the best available supply of money the administration ensures they follow and implement the policies desired of these organizations, which from here on in during this composition we will refer to as the International Money Lenders (IML). As an example, the IML demanded Greece raise the retirement age to 67 and withdraw certain services if they were to get any further assistance. The Canadian government simply implemented the same retirement age measures without even being asked. This is how a Nation can ensure it retains a Triple A credit rating and receive the most positive financial assistance.

The curiosity behind the ultimate administration

But it goes a little deeper as we must understand too, the workings of the IML including; Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s. These organizations are no different than our political organizations except in most cases the directors are appointed. They too must respond appropriately to the wishes of their administrative staff. These IML directors are generally selected after proving their ability to do as they have been instructed, following years of trials in lower levels of political life. To truly understand the crisis the globe faces, the failure of all democracies to effect any of the changes the common person wishes to see implemented, one must look to who runs the administration of these primary world finance organizations, the IML's. Who provides the direction (or directives) to the administration and staff of the IML organizations?
The effect on the environment due to the IML

Even though all reasoned people can see the environmentally destructive results of the resource extraction and industrial activities; the foul air quality in China, in Canada the poisoned Great Slave Lake system from the Gold Mine (Giant Mine) in Yellowknife and the results from the Northern Alberta bitumen activity, nothing is being done, no measures are being taken to correct or reverse the damage. In fact all new measures are to encourage further harm to the environment. In Canada the administration is taking the most extreme measures against environmental protections, removing previously respected protections and even suppressing scientific data.

The root of the problem

All of this activity relates to the world stock markets and all of the world stock markets has as a benchmark, the price of Gold. Gold was at the foundation of the Columbus discovery ships from Spain to the new world. Gold has been at the core of all resource extraction, all mining activity since the beginning of recorded civilization. Even ancient graves of the Pharaohs’ and Mayan were adorned with gold. And this is the only real productive use of Gold on Earth, for adornment, vanity. The non-productive use of gold is for ensuring the money supply from the IMLs is forthcoming. This mined gold is pored into 99.99% pure bullion bars and is stockpiled. Today the world currently holds over 30,000 tonnes in secure vaults without any projected usage. For context, Giant Mine in Yellow Knife produced only 200 tonnes while it destroyed all the potable water in the region for hundreds of square miles, including the Mackenzie River through the delta Reindeer reserve to the Arctic.

Read more details on gold mining here

All other resource extraction activities are secondary to gold. Every productive activity can be related back to providing goods or services to the resource extraction activities of gold mining. The most significant mining activity in British Columbia are the Gold Mines of Imperial Metals Red Chris project, the 'Golden Triangle', which includes Seabridge and Pretium, and the Taseko Prosperity Mine near Willams Lake. All of these produce the most significant and exciting activity for the worlds stock markets and they are supported by every senior level of government, those levels of government impacted directly by the IML's. Equally, each of these projects seriously threaten the land and water for all life systems. As direct examples; the Prosperity Project is designed to destroy an entire eco system and Seabridge will move all the product and poisonous activity from an unproductive system to the headwaters of the Nass River, one of the best ecosystems in the North Pacific. The Red Chris project will pollute the Stikine River system, the Grand Canyon of the North. None of these ecosystems have been threatened in the past.

To sum up

Therefore to summarize, as we are coming to the final twelfth paragraph, all elected or selected representatives of the common person must vote openly and publically as they are instructed by administrative staff and the Administrative staff must perform as they are directed by the IML. The IML provides a money supply commensurate to the activities related directly to the extraction and recovery of gold. An argument can be made for the equal value of the extraction of oil resources, however this has been short lived and provides only the ability to continue the gold extraction activities as well as the goods and fuel to satisfy those in nations who directly engage in the promotion of gold mining.

Why it is all essentially useless

Even if we had a secret ballot for our elected representatives so they could vote in the best interests of the people they represent, without the region participating in the activities, destructive or not, for gold extraction, the region will suffer financial hardship, thereby ensuring the elected representatives will be unelected in the near future. As the world is now dependant on the current control of the IML's for the infrastructure, from mass food and fuel distribution, electrical power generation, health and educational services through to the proper functioning of our water and sewer systems, removing our nation from the system would result in unprecedented turmoil. And yet virtually all goldmines on the globe, those required to sustain our financial world, results in the release of arsenic from the associated arsenopyrite in the rock. The processing of the gold generally involves cyanide. These toxic products have poisoned almost every waterway and lands associated with gold mining. Therefore along with all the other destructive resource extraction activiities we as a population support, surviving on this planet is doomed as this will all continue unchecked.

The curiosity of even mining gold

The largest single use of gold is to protect astronauts from space radiation; in the Space Shuttles and in the International Space Station. Each shuttle had approximately 50 kilograms shielding the astronauts and equipment. Nothing else even comes close to mass usage of this substance. We recover more every years in recycling gold than we use productively. Maybe the 30,000 tonnes of gold currently stockpiled is slated for humans to travel to another habitable planet after we destroy this one. It is the only logical explanation for why, for thousands upon thousands of years, we have been mining gold. Our ancestors were obviously very forward thinkers and those providing the direction to the administration and staff of the IML's are the most enlightened to the need for space travel.

A very short responsible history

As the human population continues to pray to their God's and elect their democracies the resource extraction activities to sustain the financial system destroy the planet. The democratic system and the administration of our regional identities are managed (rigged) to ensure the system is self sustaining to self destruction. All evidence; historical and present, demonstrable and empirical; prove the case of the purposeful perpetual destruction of the planet. Only in the mid 1960's did some nations initiate social and environmental change to encourage better lives for families and a healthier environment. This changed in the mid 1980's where all the social advances and environmental protections were undermined, and today are being struck down in huge swathes. The great nation of Canada experienced approximately 2 decades of enlightenment. Not bad for the world after roughly 6000 years since civilization began in Mesopotamia. Now we can all sit back and watch as the final frontier, the Sacred Circle, Northwest British Columbia falls to the folly of the financial control of our lives by the IMLs. Protesting against Stephen Harper or Barrack Obama is futile. They will be gone in a few years anyways and the system will continue with whomever else, in our blind folly, we elect.

I wish you all well; I have said my piece and can say no more.
Cheer up:
Comment by Janice Robinson on 27th February 2013
I was excited to witness the Americans elect their first black president, and have followed his presidency (somewhat). I like President Obama, and respect him for his efforts in the face of a herd of bigots and racists (yes, the Republican Party is lousy with closet bigots), who throw wrenches into any and all common sense proposals his people trot out. It seems an impossible uphill battle. But, he never gives up, and now the Republicans are seen by the world for the childish racists they are. Bill Maher has them pegged.

In Canada, pidgeon-toed hard-heads like Harper are elected because less than half of us vote, and could care less. It's sad really. And, look at Senators Brazeau and Duffy! No shame to their game.

We just had an election on this reserve. I would say "our" reserve, but it's not. It is a location where Indians were placed by the Department of Indian Affairs (and subsequently socially engineered to fail culturally). The traditional leaders were banished a long time ago, and the large peasant family that remained encouragedmanipulated by Indian Agents. Election results are never a surprise (except the time when two brothers of that family came to fisti-cuffs about who's turn it was...) sigh....

But, we now have freedom of speech. Those of us who claim that freedom are made to pay for it, whether we are American, Canadian, or happen to hail from the nations of Terrace, Kitsumkalum or.....wherever. It is our legacies that matter. Do you remember Rosa Parks? She paid dearly for not sitting at the back of a bus, and for exercising her supposed freedom of speech. Did I say "nations?"

God grant me the serenity....