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REPORTING · 26th February 2013
Walter McFarlane
At Kitimat City Council on Monday, February 18th, Councillor Mary Murphy brought forth a pair of motions related to roads. The first involved having the District of Kitimat report back on a sign which measures the speed of vehicles. The second was to have the District of report back to Council on a vehicle / time counter.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan suggested if Murphy was interested in the sign, she should write a letter to the Ministry of Transportation in Terrace as they are the ones who put those sings into operation.

“I can see it in all the other communities, where they have that heightened awareness,” said Murphy. “It’s one of the signs, it tells you the speed that you’re going. If you’re going over a certain amount, it flashes until you get your speed down.”

Councillor Corinne Scott agreed with the motion, however pointed out they are waiting to hear back on a motion concerning speed reduction between Kitimat and Cablecar.

Monaghan said they had one at Alcan and suggested an amendment. Councillor Mario Feldhoff told the Mayor if staff were to report back, they might have a few other options for Council to carry out as well. Monaghan replied this was the way to get it done quickly.

“I’ve worked with the Ministry for many years, as advisory for them and that’s what they did. They would take letters from communities and it would go through their process,” said Monaghan. The motion to have staff report back was called and carried.

Onto Murphy’s second motion regarding a vehicle time Counter: “It’s important that Council and the community be aware of the number of vehicles accessing our community and there is many issues coming forward which I’m not clear on,” said Murphy.

She told Council this information would help them in the future. Feldhoff made an amendment to ask the Ministry of Highways or ICBC to install the time counter. He stated they do counts in communities.

“The time of day information is very important because there seems to be some definite traffic increases during certain times of the day and it would be best to have up to date information to aid us in our discussion with the Minister of Highways regarding turning lanes and that type of thing,” said Feldhoff.

Murphy stated they need to have documentation of traffic changes to put in requests for changes to speeds and turning lanes. Monaghan again stated the Ministry of Highways in Terrace does put these in every summer.

The motion to ask for the vehicle count was called and carried.
Cable Car Watch-Dog
Comment by CEM on 4th March 2013
Many thanks to Mary Murphy and Corrine Scott for getting some info on the signs for reducing speed at the Cable Car entance. I'm not sure how soon drivers of vehicles have to warn others of turning into Cable Car but from ny experience drivers don't turn on their blinkers soon enough, too much of a hurry and not slowing down soon enough to carefully turn. Some drivers make the turn into Cable Car so sharply they almost hit vehicles waiting at the stop sign in the other lane. And then the drivers look at you like you are in their way. Some people need to go back and get some driving lessons !