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REPORTING · 21st February 2013
Walter McFarlane
Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison took the stand at the Regular Meeting of Council on February 18th to deliver the Monthly Policing Report.

“We are fully staffed right now, we have a four members who are awaiting transfers in the next month or so. We do have a cadet who will be coming in in the next month or so,” said Harrison.

In the crime statistics, three sexual assaults were reported, there was 1 assault with a weapon, 10 common assaults, 1 criminal harassment, 9 threats against persons and 3 animal calls. There were 5 break and enters to business, 1 to a residence, 2 thefts of vehicles, 16 mischief to property, 1 possession of cocaine, 3 possessions of marijuana, 2 impaired drivers, 2 24 hour suspensions, 17 motor vehicle act tickets and 53 warnings.

Comparing January 2013 to all of 2012, several crimes appeared to be up already this year, when January’s totals were multiplied by 12. Notable items were sexual assaults, which there were 3 reported this year and 12 reported last year and Break and Enters for Businesses which had 9 last year and 5 already this year.

Councillor Corrine Scott noticed this trend and wished to know more. Harrison said he noticed those same trends. He was going to look into the numbers. Councillor Mario Feldhoff agreed suggesting it could be an anomaly in the numbers. He wanted to know there was a way Council could deal with this trend.

“If I had the answer for you for that, I’d be a wiz and [be] commissioner by now. I don’t have the answer for you and I am concerned as well. I’ll go back and make sure those are the right figures,” said Harrison.