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REPORTING · 19th February 2013
Walter McFarlane
Councillor Corinne Scott had a question for Council on the topic of Recreation in Kitimat at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on Feburary 12th. One of the items scheduled to go to budget this year is a building review and conceptual ideas of the Riverlodge Recreation Centre. She wanted an explanation from Martin Gould, head of Kitimat Leisure Services.

“Riverlodge Recreation Centre was renovated in 1978, it opened in 79. The facility is now 34 years old; it is showing signs of its age. This Council, or a future Council, will have to make a decision in 2017 as to whether they are going to renovate the facility,” said Gould.

He explained there are signs of wood rot in many areas. One of the areas, they just found. There was a small water leak in one of the Janitorial Rooms, which was their third water leak this year due to pipes degrading. When they took out the floor, they found the whole floor and the under beams had to be replaced because the area was rotting out.

Gould told Council they had to replace the floor in the boiler room last year. They have also had issues in the change rooms and behind the front desk.

“We have water leaks, we have electrical problems, we have many of the areas of Riverlodge are sitting on pillars and you can go around the outside of the building and see one of the pillars in the back of the building is a concern of mine. The engineers say it is nothing to really worry about but it will be in the near future,” said Gould.

He told Council the Bunkhouse has some issues with shifting pillars as well, which could be the result of anything because no one has been under the building since 1979.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff pointed out there were two reviews on the table. One of the bunkhouse and one of Riverlodge. He wanted to know what the difference was. Gould told him the bunkhouse needed a review of its pilings and it was hazardous to go down their due to all of the asbestos. The reviews will tell them the prices they need to fix things and renovate the facility into something that was not 1979. It would also tell them how much it would cost to delay the repairs and renovations.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff made a motion to defer both the Bunkhouse Pilings review and the Building Review.

“These two items are $80,000. There is no doubt that Riverlodge is an old facility and at the same time, the community and the District of Kitimat has put the money into the maintenance as required and I feel comfortable getting another year to these things, getting some clarity around the timing of the investment in our community and if we need to do something significant, like replacing a building, whatever, we can do this study in the future,” said Feldhoff.

“It’s money that we don’t have to spend, in my opinion, this year. We can get by with doing the analysis in a future year. I’d just assume our options open as a District with money. Sometimes things come along which we haven’t anticipated and this gives us greater flexibility to respond to that and at the same time provide a high quality facility which may be getting old, but it’s a high quality compared to what many other communities have,” concluded Feldhoff.

Acting Mayor Rob Goffinet wanted to know if the bunkhouse included both the Youth and Senior’s Centre. He was told it would include both of those and the art wing and the entire hallway between the two.

He told Council in the bunkhouse, there are doors which are off kilter, cracks in the wall, windows which have separated. There is something going on there and they suspect a piling issue. They will know until they get under it. The motion to defer the repairs was called and it was carried.