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CONTRIBUTION · 9th February 2013
A. Walker
Studies are not always done by phone. I recently completed a study to see which businesses are popular here, in Kitimat.

Kokanee is the popular choice for beer.
A&W is the popular choice for fries
Old Dutch is a popular choice for chips.
Mac's wins for slushies.
Tim Hortons has quickly powered it's way to the top for coffee.

This study completed by a simple...walk!

It is disgusting, the amount of garbage that is piling up around town, and it's really starting to piss me off. I hope I don't actually catch someone chucking their garbage, beacause I think I'll do something I regret. So for my sake, and yours, please use a garbage can or take your garbage home and keep our town clean.

And don't even get me going with the garbage on the highway.

A. Walker.
Comment by whales on 17th February 2013
many local people use the giant spruce road down to the river, when you get to the end and turn right on the river where tourist camp in the summer for Free it is an absolute disgusting mess down there with an old camper with broken windows and tons of garbage. in the summer as a local i feel pushed out of this area by campers and in the winter, i have to look at all their garbage that they leave.

their is nothing free in this world.....except camping on the kitimat river
get it together council!
Comment by Roma Burnett on 14th February 2013
Glad to see I'm not the only person to see all the paper,poos,beer cans,pop cans ,etc.along the sidewalks and side of roads.
I have talked about this for several years in our paper but I get the feeling that it's the people who don't read papers or on line papers so don't get the message.
They have no pride in our community.
I also carry a bag with me when walking my dogs and do pick up what I can.
We do need more garbage containers but I doubt if the people who drop their crap would use them anyway!!
Kitimat needs refuse containers
Comment by Mike on 11th February 2013
I have also done my study and it is absolutely disgusting the amount of dog feces on the walkways. When I take my dog for a walk I have a container with poop bags attached to the leash and always clean up our pets mess. The only problem with this is that I have to walk around for 10 to 15 minutes with a bag of dog poop before it can be disposed of in a proper refuse container. I blame the District of Kitimat Public Works administration for not having an adequate supply of refuse containers placed around our community and the garbage that is discarded onto our parks and walkways because people don't want to walk around Kitimat with a hand full of garbage or in my case a bag full of dog crap. I see Public Works has tons of $$$ when it comes to purchasing new extended cab 4X4 trucks for the supervisors to drive to and from work. Lots of money for management staffers vehicle allowances. Lots of money for the water and sewer foreman to have a full time crew-leader drive aground with him instead of doing actual work. Buckets of money for management severance packages. This leaves very little money for the upkeep of the streets. Although the DoK does have one full-time employee picking up garbage along the ditches and he does do a good job however, the word is that the employee who relieves him is frequently observed visiting the local lottery centres, playing KENO instead of doing his well paid job. My understanding is that management is well aware of this individuals actions and yet they do nothing about it. It appears that the DoK has sooooo much free money laying around that they can literally waste my money on employing workers for no return on the investment. Hey Charlie and Brian can you post for a position at the PWY I would be interested in applying for a job of doing nothing for 8 hours in return for a good wage and benefit package!

Go to any community in BC and you will find an abundance of refuse containers and some even have sign posts with FREE poop bags but not in Kitimat there just is not enough money left in the coffers.
I agree...
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th February 2013
The attitudes of some people is becoming unbearable, Lots of garbage on the streets, empty cups wrappers etc. People who take garbage to the dump and half of it is missing by the time they get there, and they see it on their way back home but are too damn lazy to pick it up. Time to start making people pay for littering .
Garbage Town
Comment by Lucy McRae on 11th February 2013
I so agree with you! I take a garbage bag with me when I go for a walk because I still have some pride in our little town, growing up here I remember people saying this was the cleanest town they'd ever seen...where did that big little city go? I believe when people retired and moved away they were replaced with people who don't give a damn :(
litter around town
Comment by concerned on 10th February 2013
I too have noticed a large increase in the amount of litter around town in the last year. It is a disgusting mess that is ruining our once clean town. it is especially noticeable along side the highway to alcan and the route up to the dump. People need to be more careful on securing their loads to the dump.
re garbage......
Comment by Larry Walker on 10th February 2013
I could not agree more. Our streets and walkways are a disgrace. Perhaps it is partially due to the snow melt we have been experiencing.